World of Warcraft

The Building of a Hunter!

This guide is a piece from Pie_Masters Productions. For other guides and much more, visit the website at WWW.PIEMASTERS.CO.UK

Also catch up on updates as well as other subjects and reviews by visiting my blog at ARTANISBLOG.WORDPRES.COM


Artanis’s Hunter Guide is written by a single Hunter who has played since early 2006. With over 100 days play time, and several high quality Hunter players as friends, this guide brings you the very best infomation on the Hunter Class.


Written by Ärtanis


41 Responses to “Homepage”

  1. hey i just started wow, and im survival speced hunter
    ive been planning out a spec for a long time
    its 0/31/30. i dunno if any1 else is speced this way( probably some people ) but im aiming to have trueshot aura, aimed shot, scatter shot, counter attack, and 15% more agility or the carefull
    aim in MM tree…would u gimie a email telling me if this would work out? if u can that would be really helpfull ^_^ your vids are very nice btw

  2. This will be an interesting read. :>

  3. Just stumbled upon this guide by chance. Great stuff. I’ve played as a druid since release and I really needed somewhere to learn about the basic hunter tricks 🙂

  4. Hi there.
    Just to thank you for wasting your time with this site…it’s pretty amazing and it’s awesome for new hunters like me 😛
    Thanks! Great blog.

  5. thanks guys for the replies. makes me want to keep it going!

    I’m currently running out of ideas for what to add so suggestions are great.

    I’ve pretty much stopped playing WoW atm, just raiding and getting all my characters ready for the next expansion to come. Finished pretty much all solo content so i’ll be spending more time on this guide as well as making videos so keep an eye out for updates and at my youtube account for vids.

    Once again thanks for the nice comments, keep them coming 😉 and keep ideas and such coming my way either by comments or by email!

  6. im just about to start playing wow all my friends already play it and i was wondering which race is the best for a horde hunter?

  7. go to basics and then choose ‘race choice’. That should help you

  8. oh hey purso just for the tip
    unless uve already started ur hunter
    if u wana go beast master be a orc
    if u wana go Marksmanship be a troll
    and if u wana be survival be a tauren
    i dont really know much bout BEs ( if u own The Expansion )
    so good luck and have fun ^_^

  9. Realy nice guid, made some points along the way that you might have a look at, but… all in all dam nice guid.

    Gunders lvl 70 dorf hunter Chromaggus
    Gunders lvl 70 cow hunter Ravenholdt

  10. Hiya, love the blog helped me out lots of times, could u give me a list of ALL your AddOns?

  11. all my addons will be added to the forums shortly!

  12. What do u think about balencing out you MM and Survivl?

  13. wow nice guide Artanis! My alt hunter gona consider a lot from it ^^

  14. balencing out MM and SV is pretty hard. In most cases you spend around 20-25 points in one and the rest in the other. Normally you want to get the end tallents as they are really the best ones in most cases. However there is i know a good equal pvp one, but really you want to build up a strong tree in one, and look at other trees for the few lower down skills you might be interested in as well.

  15. Lovely =)

  16. I know you made a mark and a survival speced hunter. But you didn’t, I mean I can’t find, made a BM hunter. Couldn’t you try that and make your hunter guide more complete, and make a BM hunter? I know you wont just do this because 1 guy asks it, but then I think you guide would be more complete. Because a BM hunter is also a hunter lol ;). Other then that a fantastic job! Love the videos, would like to see some more of them. Maybe of doing an instance or something. Always good to watch how a good hunter does stuff. Btw also check the replies at other pages.

    Then I wanted to offer you something. I am a webdesigner (www.poemocreative.com) and I would like to create a nice website for you. Contact me at: berend_don@hotmail.com

    Maybe I will hear from you, if I dont I wish you all the luck with your guide. It’s really good.

    Bye bye,


  17. Nice to see som good hunter blog…nice work…

  18. Very usefull! Thank you! ;> I love you for making this xD


  19. Welcome to Kilrogg! I’m a hunter in there too 😀

  20. Hey, thanks for the FREE guide…Im tired of those “Lvl from 1-70 in 6 days” crap guides that require 20 to use. And I havent seen the whole site yet but Im going to guess that you cover at least 98% of what’s needed.

    Anyways, I just started out Hunter after playing a Shaman, Warrior and Warlock (None of which are past 30 xD) and Im trying to plan out my hunter’s life before I get too deep.

    And as for “flamebow” I have 2 assumptions. 1)He was banned for obviously RMT-ing his guy as a spoiled 8 year old. 2)He was banned for his horrid lack of grammar and sentence structure or both

  21. Hello Artanis,

    I like the write-up. I am 70th lvl hunter playing on the Windrunner server. A lot of my talent points have gone into MM with about 5 to 8 in BM and the rest in survival.

    What I am curious about is the the gear, its accompanying gems, and the item enhancements (enchants and armor kits) that would make my hunter a viable player in the arena and PVP circuits.

    Right now I am well on my way to getting the arena 1 gear along with its belt, boots, and bracers,. Plus I am gonna get the Xbow as well.

    My general outlook is having items with high stamina and intelligence as well a bit in the agility. But now I understand I should look at having higher agility and stamina.

    Another thing I would like to understand is should I look at items that give me higher AP or Crits?

    My pet is a darkshore cat lvl 70 now with dash, claw, bite, and growl. It performs pretty well in the PVE circuits and ok in the PVP. Arena I have some luck with it but I wonder if I should invest in getting a more tanking pet or a special pet.

    Can you suggest what I could do please?

    My info – Sumanto Bobby Sinha, male, 38, living in Pune, India. Playing a 70 lvl hunter on the Windrunner server for the past 2 years. No alts.

  22. Well, I’m a level 50 Night-Elf Hunter, and I was told to spec into Beast Mastery, but I was wondering whether it is for the better or not. I don’t really rely on my Pet apart from its’ armor because it is over 5,100 and I use its intimidation a lot so I don’t get the aggro’ … But I’m thinking of Re-speccing but putting the minimal points into beast just so i can get my intimidation. So I was wondering if you could help me choose what to put the other points into. I definitely want to increase my crit chance as it is only ~10.84% Any Idea’s mate.

    Thank you

    Dorkstar – Lvl 50 Night-Elf Hunter – Tanaris 🙂

  23. Not very humble, are you? 😛
    To top dps as hunter is the easiest thing ever. I win most BGs and instances when it comes to dps. I also top with my shaman, which I consider a greater achievement.

  24. just so everyone knows, pure survival speced hunters are **** at the moment, owned by everyone

  25. I have a Blood Elf Hunter And I’m level 50. What can I do now because I don’t know what to do and nice blog?

  26. looking forward to reading further………

  27. Awesome work, hopefuly it helps reduce the number of huntards that have no idea how to play this class.
    Im a lvl 65 mm/surv hybrid hunter and trying to decide if i should re-spec. Im thinking of getting rid of my scatter shot so i can get readiness, i use scatter shot alot so its kinda tough to let it go.
    plz check me out and tell me your thoughts, cheers

    Nisperun -amanthul

  28. Ive had this guide in my favourites for a while now, it really helped me out alot when i started out.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  29. I think I have a suggestion that will make most of us hunters giddy. As a recently 70 hunter I have been respeccing a lot to find where my true talent lies. So far, I have loved Survival and, to a lesser extent, Marks. BM is good, but incredibly boring. My suggestion is, maybe you should post a guide on which pet family would be the best for each build (assuming one spends maximum points in a certain build). I for one, wold be jumping for joy if such a guide were ever created. Just something to think about.

    Sevris 70 Night Elf Hunter ~ Doomhammer US

  30. Hi, I just found your guide and i want to say thanks for the great information. I’m a level 70 hunter and have been respeccing a bit to try and see what i like best, i’d have to agree that survival is the best fun to play. I’m a dwarf hunter, should i use guns to get the specialisation or go with a really fast bow.
    Any suggestions…..thanks again.

  31. Hi.

    I currently have the S1 Legs and the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle equiped.

    I’ve collect enough badges to either buy the 100 Badge Mail Pants or the 150 Badge x-bow.

    Which one should i rather buy?

    and Do you guys know of a website where i can equip diff types of weapons and armor to compare the stats between diff sets.

  32. Thanks for this awesome site. 🙂

  33. Awesome site, really like it, just a question what addons do you use, and some you really like that are good for hunters

  34. ok ill help you with this for raid bm hutner are better by far there damge is so much higher and there buff for the party manber is so much better the only other spec that hunter should use in raids is sur as its a raid buffing spec mark hunter have no place in raids any more there damage is so much lower then bm hunters only people who realy dont know how to use hunter spec mark and im a hunter who is doing bt atm if you want check me out declan and aire peak sorry for the bad spelling

  35. got a question, i was farming battle grounds – ab at level 69 doing anywhere between 2500 – 4500 honor points in a day. was getting tired or the alliance ganging up on me 6-1 so i hit 70 with only my lvl 70 bg sholders. some say farm bg at 69 and others say to hit 70 cause you get more honor at lvl 70. i know its a little late but what are your thaughts on this. sorry for spelling lol

  36. 2 Bergelmir:
    Dont go to fast bows because they will broke your global cooldown (rotations) shot. 2.6 – 3.0 speed is best I think.
    There is only difference in the sound, but you as dwarf should go for 1% more to crit 😉

  37. Cool graphic…

  38. Heyya,
    Stumbled across your topic at wow-europe hunter forums, i would love to help out if i can 🙂
    Will try to read through what you have already written asap,
    Good luck

  39. Really good guide thus far, keep up the good work Artanis.

  40. Fantastic post, I didn’t thought it would be so interesting when I klicked at your link!!

  41. A very nice and comprehensive guide. Something every aspiring hunter should read imho

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