Basics: 7. The hunter role

The Hunter class has the potential to unleash the most damage of any class in the game. Unfortunately this can only be done at range unlike any other class in game. To help with this problem hunters gain loyal pets that do slight dps, but mainly hold your enemy away from you so you can shoot.

The class is known as the farming class and this is true if you go a certain way with it, other ways it because different things and becomes very enjoyable to players who want depth into a class and a lot of Variety.

A main point is don’t come to this class expecting half melee, half ranged, this class is heavily dependent of ranged and melee should hardly every be touched upon except for the pet. Your pet should always have the attention of your enemy and you nerver have anything touching you, using your pet and anything else you have e.g freeze trap.

  • Hunters can tame up to three beasts to fight for them (using one at a time), these can be named and must be fed so they don’t become unhappy and run off. Different pets have different abilities and attributes and can be customised.
  • Hunters have great survival skills, such as tracking and laying traps.
  • Hunters wear leather armour until level 39, then at 40 they can wear mail. You can use guns, bows or crossbows as ranged weapons . With training, you can learn all other weapon skills except wands, maces, and two- handed maces. You also can’t use shields.
  • At level 20 you learn to duel weild, letting you usetwo one handed weapons at a time.
  • Hunter’s secondary bar is a mana bar. This is not as large as other classes though the mana costs on spells are lower too. Mana is used for most skills.
  • Hunters can take on Animal Aspects granting them extra bonuses such as faster movement to increased dodge chance.
  • Melee is a major downside for the Hunter. You only gain two skills, a skill to slow the opponent letting you escape and start ranged damage again. The other is a high damage hit but has a cooldown making it worthless unless running in for the last hit or when running past or way from something.

In summary, a great ranged offensive class, has a medium level of melee power and has the use of pets as well as aspects and tracking. A good class for someone who either wants questing to be easy but damage low, high damage but harder questing (my speciality) or in between used mainly for fun or for raids.


~ by Arty on May 10, 2007.

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