Basics: 6. Race choice

These are two things really down to you but if you want to know the facts and my opinion then read on.


The Hunter class can be played by the following races:

Alliance Crest Alliance

Horde Crest Horde

These are some relevant racial traits to hunters:

taken from wowwiki




Your choice is..

Night Elf- A passive ability that increases your dodge chance is useful as when you have a mob on you you want hi to hit you the least amount it can. Also my favorite shadowmeld. this skill puts you into stealth as long as you stand still. This can be used in pvp to hide from your enemies and very crafty in arena as a rogue would be expected in stealth, no a hunter. For pve it is extremely helpful especially with the combo of feign death. Using shadowmeld to stand from feign death you will go into stealth without anyone noticing. This allows you to wait for the feign death cooldown to finish and then start running again. This can be used in many different situations and is very helpful.

Dwarf- The dwarf gains a +5 to the gun skill making it easier to hit the opposition. This is very helpful later on in game when you want as many points on your to hit attribute as possible in pve. Also stoneskin can remove different types of debuffs. This is helpful but as you should stay at distance you shouldn’t often get many debuffs making this skill not too useful if you play correctly.

Draenei- Gift of the Naaru gives you the ability to heal every two minutes which can be extremely useful, keeping the pet alive is always a big problem and with a heal over time going while you carry on dps is very helpful indeed. Also there is a passive skill giving you and your party an extra chance to hit.


Tauren- Warstomp can be helpful when trying to escape enemies. It stuns people in the surrounding area for a shot length of time allowing you to get away. Also you gain an 5% health increase which is always helpful.

Troll- They get berserk increasing melee attack, ranged attack and spell casting speeds by 10 to 30%. This can give you that little bit extra dps needed. They also have regeneration which is a passive ability that provides 10% health regen bonus and allows a 10% health regeneration during combat. Helpful again but as a hunter in most cases you should not be getting attacked. Trolls also have 5% increase damage vs. beasts, and +5bow skill.

Orc- Command is a passive ability that increases your pets damage by 5%. This is very helpful for beast mastery hunters. Also they have a passive +5 in axes and the skill bloodfury. This increases melee attack power and your damage and healing from spells and effects are increased, but reduces healing effects on you by quite a lot. This can be a really good skill if used at the right times but at the wrong time it can be disastrous.

Blood Elf- mana tap and arcane torrent are useful for silencing nearby enemies and also regaining some of your mana which can always help hunters. Also having their 5% resistance to all schools is very nice, end game this becomes a very good racial skill to have.

So all in all they all have their strengths in their own ways. From my experience i think night elf is the best alliance class to choose just because shadowmeld has been so useful to use with feign death as a combo letting me solo my way to bosses in instances and then kill them. For horde once again it has to be the elf as the mana regain is so useful and silencing is too. Topped of with the +5% resistance it makes it a great class to be!


~ by Arty on May 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Basics: 6. Race choice”

  1. Trolls also have 5% increase damage vs. beasts, and +5bow skill.

  2. a lot of comenting from me here… 😛
    Dorfs stoneform and uses for it… PVP, wel rogues wil hate you..
    PVE a lot of mobs/bosses got AOE poison, moros in kara garots and so on… stone form removes all that

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