Basics: 5. Professions

This again is something that is really up to you as it affects the way you play the game and is your choice. But i can help out in what i think about each one as i have mastered every one one separate characters.

Alchemy– A few useful potions can be made. A lot of what you make is not really that helpful so are either unmade of just sold at the AH. A few potions are very nice to use as a hunter but i find it’s quicker and sometimes cheaper just to buy the potions i want at the AH. Herbalism is a need for this skill too. As soon as i dropped herbalism for enchanting i suddenly never made any potions and it was simply left except for transmutes.

Blacksmithing– Not a very useful skill for hunters. It’s more for the plate armor classes, a few mail pieces are made but there are few pieces that suit a hunter and a lot will have to be sold. Also mining is a need for this skill.

Enchanting– This i found a great help for hunters. Enchants are always so expensive and the mats for them are too. I respeced this at around 55 and went through a few low level instances and leveled it up very fast. It is easy to level to start wit but it gets harder as you get higher up. But the results are really worth it giving you + agility, + attack power and other useful enchants. It is self dependent which is nice and the mats and enchants sell for a lot. So it is a great money maker and improves your gear greatly.

Engineering– This is a fun skill for laughs and fun abilities. you can make your own ammo which is nice and also there are nice tricks you get such as be able to trap your enemy and hold them down while you shot at them. However a bit can be wasted as a lot is cloth armor but all in all a fun prof to learn.

Jewelcrafting– A profession making trinkets, rings, gems and more. This is a ok prof for a hunter but mainly for spell casters i think. A few of the things made can benefit you and the gems later on are very nice and others you don’t need can be sold for large amount. Mining is needed really for this profession unless you are willing to spend a lot of gold.

Leatherworking– This is a really good thing to have as a hunter. You make really good leather armor for yourself up to 40 and then after that you can begin to create mail with the dragonscale path. Some of the items you can make are better than any of the same level in the game except maybe dungeon set or tier. This is pretty dependent of skinning however with 20g i have been buying leather and selling what i make and i am progressing quite far and still have most of that 20g there.

Tailoring– Not really worth while for a hunter. All cloth armor so all would be sold. Nothing of use just for cloth classes.
Semi skills-

Skinning- Used to get the leather for leatherworking. Most beasts that you kill will be able to be skinned and the leather taken after. The leather is also used in other professions but just as extras, not dependencies like leatherworking.

Mining- Used for blacksmithing and jewelcrafting. Metal is smelted and then made for armor and weapons for blacksmiths. For jewelcrafters the ore collected from mining can be smelted and made to help make their different crafts. Also it can be prospected and the ore can be turned into jewels for trinkets or turned into gems to put into socketed items and other uses.

Herbalism- Used for alchemy to create potions. If you have alchemy i strongly suggest you have this. Without it it is cheaper to buy potions at the AH than buy herbs and make them.


All in all i would say pick skinning and leatherworking and get up to the top from those skills, sell what extra you make and don’t equip and make different sets and nice pieces for yourself and save excess leather you skin. Then once you are top at letherworking disband skinning and swap to enchanting. Now you have spare leather in your bank and the items you wanted made you can very easily level up enchanting and then once you’ve got it high enough you can start putting really nice enchants on the armor you have created.


~ by Arty on May 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “Basics: 5. Professions”

  1. if one is determined to take up a profession, for 1 but big upgrade – I recommend Blacksmithing, for the Bloodmoon 2h axe, next better drop is off last boss in TK and all the warriors drool over it. I lvled up BS just once we reached SSC/TK first trash steps with my guild, and I dont regret and love my axe ! ❤

  2. I have 375 Skinning and 375 Leatherworking….


    It is not a money making proffesion I have found, better gear can be gotten from a days pvp’ing. Skinning is good for making some money it must be said, but i didnt use many items i made because better gear was always gotten from instancing/quest rewards.

    I would highly recommend Herb/Alch. Those pots at 70 cost a LOT and you could be a double hero, saving the healers ass, taking the adds, AND supplying pots if someone is short. “Who wants to touch me” lol.

    When it comes to enchants, when i grind and i loot greens, i get them disenchanted and i put the mats in my AH. I have gotten +35agi for “free” (cost me 5g for the work) because i had the mats for DE’ing spare greens. I have also gotten +6 all stats the same way. Some people vendor, some people lose deposits trying to sell on AH, I get them disenchanted 🙂


  3. Some very poor grammer there. Apologies 🙂

  4. I’ll add one more thing, now patch 2.4 is upon us: Primal Nether can now be bought at the AH. Your Hunter, having just hit 70 and specialised in Dragonscale Leatherworking, can now produce the Epic armors at the top end of the list in relatively short order. The transition from levelling, to Heroic instance support (CC, *sustained* dps…) or PvP, need not be quite so brutal; decent gear (to use in getting awesome gear, ofc 😀 ) is now but a purchase away.

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