Basics: 4. Talent Spec

This is once again a thing that depends on how you wish to play. However this can be changed fairly easily without losing much, but each time you change it the cost will increase so try getting the best choice for you within the first 2-3 tries. There are three different types…

Beast Mastery- Increases damage and overall strength of your pet letting it hold more mobs, cause a lot more damage towards them and become a great tank. It has also become a great class to be for end game raiding, as in most cases you will be able to cause the most damage out of the three specs, just watch out for your pet. However people find it good in pvp and it is defiantly best for grinding and farming.

This spec is used by gold farmers, this shows how good it is. All you have to do is send your pet in and cause low mana costing shots and you will never lose aggro and take your foe down with ease whilst losing almost no mana giving a very little amount of down time (using food and drink to refill health and mana). This saves you gold from having to buy them a lot less, but also gives you more time to kill more and going this spec lets you kill things pretty fast anyway.

However there are bad points. You yourself in most cases won’t cause as much damage as if you were marksman, although it is extremely close depending on gear, so for spots where there are not pets in raids, you won’t be able to do full damage. However damage you lose from your pet you do make up with by your increase in attack speed, even with AP being lower your getting more shots in per minute meaning more dps. Normal game play can become pretty boring as you are just watching your pet do all the damage itself while you are sitting there doing a low damage shot every so often to keep mana up and the pets aggro up so you can just sit back without a worry.

So in conclusion great for leveling and farming, great for raids (depending on how good you are with your pet) but a fairly boring class to play. All your stats are shared with your pet so tanking gear will help your pet but once again lower your damage.
Marksmanship- I played this spec for well over a year and really enjoyed it. Very high dps beating mages and warlocks in instances and raids! Also very high crits over 3000 were very enjoyable. Great for raids, great for pvp, not so great for pve but fairly fun.

With this spec you cause high damage and get very high crits. In instances this is very good as long as you check your aggro. In raids it’s an ok spec to be causing very high damage. However in pve your pet loses aggro to you very fast and you need to run away and make distance to get started again. You also get useful skills such as silence shot stopping your target from casting spells, scatter shot making your target move around on the spot unable to do anything and Aimed shot causes huge damage in a time taking hit.

In conclusion, great for raids and pvp, but may have a bit of trouble with your pet causing problems for your pet but a fun class to play. I level 1-70 using it so no real issues questing just harder 🙂 Agi, ap, crit gear are all good for this spec to increase your damage.
Survival- The spec every hunter whose never tried hates,but every hunter who has loves. The ‘melee’ spec is how it’s known for it’s increase in health and melee skills and damage. However high damage can still be achieved from this spec and it must be the most fun of the three .

CC (crowd control) is made a lot easier from this spec. Being able to freeze mobs quicker, wyvern sting sleeping targets, immobilizing targets so you can get away and being able to have all your hunter skills cooldowns be taken away every 5mins. This lets you freeze 2 targets, sleep another 2, have your pet on another and yourself on a 6th (nor recommended 😉 ). Your pet may still lose aggro a decent amount due to the increase of threat from crit chance from + ap, + agi and + crit talents, all a hunter really wants as mark for damage increase.

In conclusion great for pvp being to hold off more than 1 target on you while causing high damage, great for pve, not as good as BM spec but doing the same as mark but letting you escape easier, and great for raids with the CC and if used correctly and with the right gear very high dps. Agi and Sta gear is very helpful here as talent points increase them by % so the more you have the extra the bonus you’ll get. Also int for mana, viper aspect is great to have on this spec otherwise you will burn though your mana very fast.

So over all BM-PVE/Raiding, MM-Raiding/PvP, SV-Overall, escape spec. Each can be as good as each other in raids, just depending on the way you play and the gear you have. I would choose BM to level yourself up and then MM or Survival for end game or as a change. If you have really great gear then survival is the better choice as it will improve you more than mark will but a hunter in not so great gear can still be very deadly.

My personal suggestion is to have 11 points on mark at least to get the mana saver talent, more damage talent and to get aimed shot which is very important. After that i would go either fully survival and get wyvern sting and the auto cooldown talent being very helpful or spread your points over mark and survival and possibly a few on BM.

My current spec is..

Artanis’s Talent Spec


~ by Arty on May 25, 2007.

12 Responses to “Basics: 4. Talent Spec”

  1. Im sry but you dont know how to play a hunter. You put a talent into Thrill of the Hunt over Deterrence? Do you know what that talent does? How could a hunter spec surv and not get det…. Besides that i watched the arena trials vid and it was terrible. It didn’t show one ounce of skill and to top it off your camera is right behind your back leaving litle view of the battlefield. Why not zoom out a bit to get a better view of what is actualy going on. Overall i say the vid shows how not to play a hunter rather than how to.

  2. mate i do know how to play a hunter, and from what you’ve said it sounds like i know a lot more than you. det is really a waste of time. Sure it does look good, but with immobilize from wing clip whats the point? it’s not like i’m in so great i need it. also – useless without counter attack tbh, and going for that would nerf me. Also i would like mana back from crits when my chance in raids is around 36% and i’m always in need of extra mana to nuke.

    The hunter video, was my first ever video cut me some slack on my camera angles extra, was trying to play at the time. ok so you suggest not using abilities? great tactics.

    i really do hope your a survival hunter, i hope you can win over 30 arena matches in a row, and an expert about movies. i don’t mind bad comments, but trying to say i can’t play is a bit too far when from what you’ve said and the way you’ve said it makes it look like you can’t 🙂

    if you want to talk more then send me an email, i’m happy to discuss if you feel i’m so wrong, like to know peoples thoughts

  3. Artanis is a great hunter!

  4. After patch 2.1, Marksman ship is no longer a viable Raiding spec, Dps is low grp synergy is low, raid synergy non exsisting.
    Surv’s specced for raid have higher Dps, no Grp Synergy, GREAT raid synergy and rather self stustained, in regards of mana. Wich make’s em flexible in raid setup.
    BM’s have by far greatest Dps output, Group Synergy is supurb, Raid synergy low. Grp bm hunter with mage’s and shadow priest for mana and the Ferious Inspiration and 5 people gain 3% more damage.
    Link below for dps proof.

  5. I have to say you nailed it with survival there. It is a great spec for raids. Not only that, but it is SO much fun with the CC you are capable of. Survival is great for pvp with the right people in BG’s (WSG). Last thing i want to say, when grouped with a Marksman hunter in world PVP half marks up to scatter shot and half survival (mostly) is a major slaughter.

  6. Gj m8 Thanks for The help=)

  7. I can’t talk about SV, except to say I would never go without clever traps no matter what my talent specialisation is. I’ve always put at least 15 if not 20 pts into SV for the raid and arena benefits.

    But what I do know about is MM and BM. I’ve been using MM for over 6 months and my self-buffed AP was around 2300 with 27% crit. My raid dps usually hit around 520 sustained, and as such I was willing to sacrifice my Arena rating for this spec.

    Recently, however, a number of my guild’s hunters respec’d to BM and I finally made the plunge to find out why.

    With no pet active my dps went up from 330 to 335 on my char page. With my pet active it went up to 341 self buffed. Sure I lost nearly 500 ap after re-enchanting weapons and getting new gems to counter my intellect / agi drop, but my base dps went up considerably.

    According to the dps meters my guild uses I now get around 600 sustained in Kara or Gruuls. I lost some great talents, like silencing shot and scatter shot (I can no longer save the ass of agro consuming locks and mages – but that’ll teach ’em to slow down). I would also point out my pet dies usually before each boss is down to 50% so don’t be fooled by people that say BM is nothing without your pet. The increase in attack speed easily makes up for any loss in AP – we’ll have to see if 2.3 changes this and where disarming shot ends up, but I can’t see myself going back to MM.

    Obviously arena and pvp has seen a great improvement. Haven’t lost a single match since respecing and I can now take down just about any class one on one.

    So for the long time MM advocate, I have to say BM is the way to go right now. It’ll probably change when they nerf us again – after all you can’t have hunters go top of the dps charts. Every time we spend 6 months to work our way back to the top they kill off our abilities because one loud mouth had a bad experience in arena.

    The new epic arrows and shells from the Violet Eye quartermaster will help too – i’ll take that extra 9.5 dps thx, and no I don’t buy AH ammo, as a BM hunter (you use 50% more ammo due to your speed increase) I could never afford it. The same applies to the new crafted 53 dps ammo, great but no thx.

  8. I have to say I used to love BM…Before I entered pvp. While yes it does give you the boost to have your pet become a second group member, and your dps does increase with the shot speed, I re-spec’d into MM and actually found the base Dps on my bow(same one I used as bm) went up. Not only that by 65 I was doing around 685 sustained and now run roughly around 1100-1400 every 2 shots, so I’ld say sustained around 800. Not to mention I never call my pet out unless I’m farming. While I have to agree in raids, I’m not much use other than a damage hitter, but my bf Is survival spec and I’ve seen him eat both bm and mm. I’ve found with his toon, that a surv hunters mistake would be trying to fight a bm or mm at range. sure we can cc the pet fairly easy as well as the other hunter while we hit a pot or whatever but why do that when like a mage or lock you can just run up throw in a wing clip to prevent their backing up, 2 raptor strike crits back to back and you have them goin in their pants because they can’t shoot you anymore.

    I must say though, I miss seeing my pet go all big n red n mean….

  9. I have found that i maximized my DPS output as a hybrid, and CC u really do not have 2 waste extra points in talents that u don’t need, if you are in a group in kara chances are very likely your traps will be resisted or break early, my spec is hybrid i do regular critical’s for 1.2-1.4 with buffed non buffed 1k using either helmets elk gun or the valonos bow. yes i use both theres nothing like having a slow weapon on a boss so my crits dont pull of the mt or ot

    in survival tree
    hawk eye 3/3
    humaniod and beast slaying 3/3
    perry 1/5
    survivalist 5/5
    surfooted 3/3
    feign death 2/2
    killer instincts 3/3
    survival instincts 2/2
    lightning reflexs 5/5
    expose weakness 3/3

    In marks tree
    lethal shots 5/5
    efficiency 5/5
    aimed shot 1/1
    mortal shots 5/5
    rapid killing 2/2
    arcane shot 5/5

    In BM tree
    imp AOH 5/5

    as this build my critical rating unbuffed is 30% being buffed with major agility, warp burgers agility scrolls, mark of wild, leader of the pack, my critical percentage nearly hits 50%. and in closing that statement that hybrids are not the best for raiding, is say that warriors cant tank and mages only can heal, its insane.

    my total DPS output for regular shots not spells no arcane nothing just regular
    1k crits unbuffed 1.2-1.4k crits buffed
    arcare 1.4-1.8k multi 1.2-1.6 aimed 2.8-3.5. these satistics were all taken from a raid that was done last night yes those numbers are off but take in consideration that the way i am speced our off tank which was a fury warrior nearly double its damage with my expose weakness, ever so lil id switch 2 OT to give him EW so that the OT can keep the mob busy while DPSing the most. There is a lot of speculations about who has the better build, who has the better items, well it doesn’t matter about gear, it doesn’t matter how many honorable kills you have, it doesn’t matter as long as your having fun, seriously men and women of WoW, when and why have we made this game into a spam server and plain stress relief on noobs, get with it work together accomplish something on having fun with out worrying about repair bills or if you have your flying mount already.

    in closing i would like to thank arty for his help in my nooby time but i disagree with somethings you say, but in all you know what a real hunter is and what a real player wants, thank you

  10. Howdy, my in game name is Malferon. Server = Kul Tiras. I just stumbled on your website while looking at sites at school (i’m bored), and ya you ain’t a bad hunter, but the way you explained the other classes shows way too much bias to survival, and even then your survival explanation seems gimped.

    First off i am a survival hunter, proud of it and love it. My spec is 0/21/40. Its meant for sustained dps with lots of crits and raid support. To me there is no legitimate reason to get Re-arm from the final survival point as it is next to useless in all situations if you have enough skill. The bell rang, i gotta go. But i look forward to hopefully talking with you more through this site / email. I haven’t met any survival hunters coming to my skill yet (i’m a bit conceited but i think i deserved it).
    Later bro!

  11. Hey this is Malferon again. (Or for the first time, because i just posted and i don’t see my post so lol whatever). Anyway i’ll just start over. I am a level 70 Night Elf hunter on Kul Tiras, survival specced 0/21/40. I agree with about 60% of what you say, but theres alot of things that i see fault in your explanations of the different specs. Yes everyone has different views, but i’m really into theorycraft and i have probably memorized, looked into, anazyled every spec possible for the majority of the classes.

    First on what you say about the BM hunter, you mentioned alot about how the pet does the “Majority” of the dps. That i find is a big negative. The majority of the dps from Bm comes from a total of 5% damage increase and 20% attack speed increase. A good chunk of boss fights can nearly one or 2 shot pets, so relying on them is never safe. Also on dps charts a BM hunter’s put on average of the kara – SSC level does about 4-6% of the raid’s dps, while the hunter does maybe a decent 500-600dps streak (assuming they know what they are doing). My pet in my survival spec does about 2-3% already (no points in BM), and i hold a 680-820 dps streak in moderate kara, heroic gear (only like 305 heroic pieces too).

    On what you said about marksmen. MM is a real sitatuional spec in my opinion. It is probably the best 2v2 and 3v3 builds not BM for arena. Why? Because any player with a brain can beat a BM hunter, they pop TBW, they either vanish, run behind a pillar, iceblock, feign, etc etc. On that note any smart player can kill a BM hunter pet within seconds and LOS kite you. Whilst MM can burst dps, mana drain, silence, cc better, and with a priest you are a drain squad! MM imo is the worst raid dps for the sole fact of its mana deficiency, i see MM hunters lose mana twice or three times faster than BM or survival. It’s not bad for some early raiding with the right gear, but post gruul it really loses power as raid syngergy goes down.

    Survival, in my opinion is the best spec for many because it requires, in my opinion takes the most “skill” because it requires the real use of what a hunter is capable of. For one i never consider it the melee dps, i know the melee dps spec (i sort of toyed with the idea of it one day jumping around shat), and it is by far not full survival. Survival in raids is meant for raid syngergy, mana efficiency, crits, and high agility. The survival spec (especially the one i made, but my spec is 2 points off optimal dps for pvp reasons) scales BEST with gear because survival slowly becomes better than the other specs because of the fact that survival runs on % increases. 4% more AP, 15% agi, 3% against humanoinds, 3% against monsters. Its not as good as the other specs in lower instances and raiding, but late kara, and most 25 man’s becomes much better if you gear into high agility. I’m not saying it sbad at lower ranks with proper skill it can be almost as good, but survival scales it doesn’t set.

    I consider myself a good, if not great hunter. I consider you a good if not great hunter as well, but i think alot of your explanations have flaws. Everyone will think that, again this is my opinion on things, so don’t take anything personally. This is pobably one of the longest posts you will have, sorry for “ranting” if i did, i just enjoy talking about theorycraft. Have a good day 😛

    -Malferon, rawr!

  12. well… its a pretty straight forward guide, but you left one important aspect out of the Survival Tree… Agility…

    ive got 815 unbuffed agility… translates to 35% unbuffed crit, 1950 Ranged Att. Power…

    Raid Buffed im at 1020 Agility, 41% Crit, 2400Ranged Att Power. I scale with BM hunters in my guild for top dmg in 25man raids.

    Survival is an EXCELLENT tree, and with the right gear, has an awesome SUSTAINED dmg output.

    I found after playing around with specs 27mm/34surv is an excellent build for max agi% and a buff in dps. and raid utility. I left out trap talents as there is little to no opportunity to trap in BT/Summit.

    Marksman Tree-
    Lethal Shots: 5/5
    Improved Hunters Mark: 5/5
    Efficiency: 5/5
    Aimed Shot: 1/1
    Go For the Throat: 2/2
    Rapid Killing: 2/2
    Mortal Shots: 5/5
    Combat Expertise: 2/2

    Survival Tree-
    Humanoid Slaying:3/3
    Eagle Eye: 3/3
    Deflection: 4/5
    Deterrence: 1/1
    Survivalist: 4/5
    Surefooted: 3/3
    Improved Feign Death: 2/2
    Killer Instinct: 3/3
    Survival Instinct: 2/2
    Lightning Reflexes: 5/5
    Expose Weakness: 3/3
    Thrill of the Hunt: 1/3

    I use feign death about 30seconds into a boss so i can pop trinkets/cooldowns early and more. And i cant stress the importance of deterrence and how useful it is when you have boss to 1% and tank goes down and your 2nd on threat list and dodge 8 attacks and let the DoTs tick away enough for him to die. (Supremus / HWL Najentus / Kaz’rogal, to name a few)

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