Attributes: 2. What a hunter is looking for

Ok well i have had many discussions and arguments about this so i will try not to to be biased in any way till the end of the post.


Strength: For a hunter this is not really needed, you should spend as little time in melee as you can, i try to avoid anything with this attribute on as it only wastes points. BM hunters may think different as i believe it buffs your pet, but i still see it as a waste then as you are only nerfing yourself.

Agility: Possibly the main attribute as a hunter. It increases your attack power therefore increasing damage, as well as your crit chance which is another main thing to get. It also imps your amour value as a bonus as well as dodge rating. As a survival hunter this is the main thing you need, especially from getting the +10% of your total agi. As a Mark hunter this will be your main needed with AP or maybe second needed, and as BM it’s a big part of the class.

Stamina: This isn’t needed too much, it normally comes with hunter gear so it’s ok to have lots of it, but since you shouldn’t get hit too much you shouldn’t need to much. As a BM hunter and i guess the rest it does help by improving your pets health. I find the main reason for it is for pvp to make you a lot harder to kill, this can be used in pve but not as much. This is why i keep a set of armor with high amounts of sta on as well as other needed attributes to increase my health from 8k to 11k for bg’s and arena.

Intellect: This is needed to increase your mana. This can be useful normally for grinding so you don’t have to keep stopping to take a drink, but it becomes really helpful in end game as you will need a lot for bosses to keep your mana high so you can keep unloading damage onto the boss. Again a possible second set or just a pair of weapons with a int enchant on will always help for raids.

Spirit: I don’t find this of much use as recharging my mana and health because you can rest in between. May help a little but as a hunter not to be worried about that much.

Armour: Just what you get with everything and nothing to be worried about.


Only ones you really need are..

Attack power: This is a great attribute for all hunters. It simply increases yours and your pets damage per second. This is possibly the biggest need for BM and Mark hunters and second need after agi for survival hunters.

Hit rating: This is really only needed for raids, but in raids it is really needed to ensure you always hit your target. Atm i would suggest at 70 you should have over 100 hit rating to decrease your miss chance by a huge amout. 142 Is the perfect amount to have as it stops you from missing and your not spending any extra wasted points on the skill.

Crit Rating: This is great for hunters giving them extra bursts of damage, and really important as a survival hunter to make up for that extra damage you are loosing for other things, as well has activating your main skill. It can be a bad thing giving you extra aggro and taking it off your pet, but the damage dealt is a big increase, very nice for raids and instances, and you can always FD when needed.


only one needed..

mana-regen: Manly needed for raids again just to help not run out of mana, aspect of the viper helps a lot with this but a little extra on equipment never hurts 😉


only real needed are…

Dodge: Not really needed, don’t bother getting gear for it, treat it the same as armor.
Parry: Only really needed by survival hunters to have a higher chance of immobilizing people, once again don’t bother really on getting gear with it.

Resilience :Helps to stop crits, only really needed in pvp, again don’t bother too much with it, you’ll get it on pvp pieces and thats about it.


Hmm ok, well this is what i think…

As survival the main attributes you need to worry about are..


1. Agility – number 1! this will help you so much, as lvl 70 i suggest having at least 500 to make survival worth it. Having over 800 is what your aiming for!

2. Attack Power (AP) – second most needed, this just increases your dps as you may be low as survival.

3. I would say crit here. This seriously does make up so much damage. I can be in a group with a hunter thats dps is about 80 more than mine which is quite alot. But then he has a crit rating of about 17% where mine is in the area of 34-36% and i will pass so easily on the damage meter.

4. Stamina/Intellect. Stamina for PvP and Intellect for PvE and defiantly for raids and instances. I would suggest having 2 different sets for this as normally stamina isn’t that bigger deal when you can have more mana and dps your foe harder. But for PvP you will really find a difference when your health increases. I used to have 6k health- i was a main target in arenas and would die so fast in bg’s. Then i got some PvP gear and turned survival and my health changed to 10k and suddenly i would be a last target in arenas and could last to being one of the last of a group to die in a bg.

5. Hit- basically end game – need. It helps when you can’t see it and it is a thing that good players look to see if you have. nice hit + crit rating- oh must be a good player, I’ve been told in the past my hit ratings been good a few times and they really do think your a good player just because of it, weird but true!


Basically same as survival apart from agility and AP are the other way round. You are mainly focused on your damage, crit is less important.

Beast Mastery

Similar to the mark spec but more reliable on AP and crit, so you and your pet cause a lot of extra damage, and you crit more letting your pet kill command a lot for more damage as well as giving him focus with go for the throat. Stamina is also fairly important to keep you and your pet tough and alive, where as int is not as much so as your mana goes down slower with the most common shot rotations for the spec.


~ by Arty on June 26, 2007.

One Response to “Attributes: 2. What a hunter is looking for”

  1. Int above crit for BM? Why on earth.. Crit gives your pet focus and KC. Int is alot less needed than for a MM (I’ve played both for a long time). Mana is hardly ever an issue for BMs.

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