Raids: 2. What equipment to take


If i am going to a raid, i don’t rely on stamina gear as you should get healed when needed. However i suggest having around over 6500 health to make your job of staying alive easier.

I would try to get a few pieces of gear with either intellect as a attribute or just put some intellect and mana regen enchants on a piece or 2. The best way to to get 2 one handed weapons with with good stats on for a hunter and put the best intellect buffs on them.

These two things will let you live longer and keep your damage going for longer. Just don’t go full out on these because it can affect your dps.

Another thing i aim to have is a high crit chance as since the tank will hold aggro you just as well take advantage and increase your chance to increase your damage. Also with FD you can lose all aggro in an instant and start from scratch.

The alternative to this is to maximize you attack power and just give your base damage a big boost. It does give you more steady damage, but i find trying to get your crit chance up without affecting your ap isn’t too hard and really worth it.

Try getting your hit rating above 100 as well if you can it does help!


Super Mana Potion – Really needed for bosses to keep your mana up. I would normally make do with 5 of these for a few hours.

Fel Mana Potion – Like a normal mana pot but heals mana over time, heals more and all side affects don’t effect hunters.

Super Healing Potion – Not really needed unless a real emergency. I would take 5 and only expect to use one at the most

Elixirs and flasks

As well as normal pots you also want to carry a battle and a guardian elixir to increase stats.

Elixir of Major Agility – This is really needed for bosses. i would take a stack of 20 with you and use maybe 2-3 during the raid. Depends how long the raid lasts and how many times you die. (Battle Elixir)

Elixir of Draenic Wisdom – Adds intellect and spirit to help stop you running out of mana.

Haste Potion – Used when found, can really help in tight fights. Take a stack and if your getting into a tough situation then use one 🙂

Flask of Relentless Assult – Is a battle and guardian elixir combined increasing you damage massively and persisting through death.

Oils and stones

You can get oils from enchanters that you add to your weapons and will get special buffs, much like stones from blacksmiths.

Superior Mana Oil is helpful as it helps your mana regen.

Adamantite Sharping Stone adds weapon damage and crit chance


Heavy netherweave bandage – the healer should be focusing on tanks and it only takes a few seconds to use.


Arrows – try buying the best you can for raids they do make a difference

Warden’s Arrows


Food- There are many different types of food that will give you extra buffs. Find the one that imps the stats you want the most and take a few along.

Warp Burger – Adds agility and spirit


Cheap to buy and can be found quite easily. A little extra to buff up a certain attribute.

Scroll of Agility V

Water and health stones

You will be able to get water from mages and health stones from warlocks in the raid so no need to worry about getting them beforehand.

My list –

18 stacks of Warden’s Arrows

5 Fel Mana Potions

5 Super Mana Potions

5 Super Healing Potions

20 Elixirs of Major Agility

20 Elixirs of Draenic Wisdom

5 Haste Potions

20 Warp Burgers

20 Adamantite Sharping Stone

5 Scrolls of Agility V

20 Heavy Netherweave Bandages


~ by Arty on July 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Raids: 2. What equipment to take”

  1. It can help survival builds in PvE if they have over 600 or more agility before they change to Survival spec.

    Also, a faster bow is probably a good idea. The reason being is your attacks cause your crit rate to go up, your crits cause your attack power to go up. Slow bows crit less often for more damage, fast bows crit more often for less damage.

    Survival helps everyone’s dps by critting often, not by critting hard, and helps its own crit rate by hitting often, not by hitting hard.

  2. very nice point 🙂 700+agi is perfect for a hunter as survival spec, and a fast bow helps with that. the slower xbows are better for mark hunters getting big hits instead of quick bursts.

    nice to have a good player respond thx for the comment =)

  3. Dependant entirely upon the raid of course, equipment required for raids could change.
    If you are confident you are in a good raid group and won’t wipe – use Elixirs. I tend to use Elixir of Major Agility and Elixir of Draenic Wisdom. If you think you may wipe more than twice, use a Flask of Relentless Assault and the cost, on my server costs, will even out.
    For Karazhan, Easy BoJ!, i take 10 Elixir of Draenic Wisdom and 10 Elixir of Major Agility. Ideally I will only use 5 of each pot, as Karazhan takes us around 2 hours and 30-45minutes. But those extra are there just in case something unusual happens, like last night – a Glitched Curator?!.
    For Gruuls, I use a BEM Flask, Flask of the Bandit which is very cheap on my server, usually under 5g. This will cover you for 2hrs, more than enough for Gruuls which is usually a 30-60min raid.
    All down to player preferences. You want AP? Mana? MP5? For Timed Events, such as Zul’Aman, I use a Flask of Relentless Assault to improve my dps – all out here! For fights like Magatheridon which can be a tad lengthy, the Elixir of Draenic Wisdom helps your dps longevity greatly.
    All Potions should be accompanied by a Food Buff. The best food buffs for hunter, statistically, come from Warp Burgers, Grilled Mudfish [Both Agility and Crit Strike Rating] or Ravager Dogs [40AP].
    I often go on a grind for farm around 100 of the chosen foods, this will last me for a while and then when I’m down to around 20, re-farm.
    Scrolls, as mentioned are very useful. Every little helps as it were. Scroll Rank V can be hard to come by, on my server anyway, so do get the lower ranks, III and IV for example. Remember, that little difference is welcomed and will be scaled with Blessing of Kings.
    I take 5-10 Fel Mana Pots. 5-10 Ogr’ila Mana Pots and 10 Super Mana Pots. This will suffice for a lengthy raid imo, but you may use more if you’re a Herbalist or Alchemist.
    Best Arrows are the Violet Eye Arrows, Mysterious Arrows?, and are epic quality purchasable from the vendor outside Karazhan. I think to access these you need to be Exalted. These add, iirc, around 47 DPS. Another cheap alternative would be Adamantite Arrows, craftable from Engineering. They add around 43 dps and for 1000 use One adamantite bar, some bolts and simple wood. This is from memory so I may be wrong. This option is a more economic option.
    This is tbh, what David has written but this is what I use and how I go about my buffing/potting.
    Happy Raiding!

  4. Very nice hunter guide! ^_^

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