Raids: 1. Tactics for raids

Aspect- For trash mobs go hawk and go hard on mobs. You’ll find this will cost a lot of mana (around 50% or more) but you’ll have time to drink and get back to near full if your quick before the next pull. For bosses you have two options. Hard or Easy boss. For a hard boss you want to be doing your maximum damage, which means keeping hawk on. You will use mana pretty fast so use a mana pot as soon as it can’t put you up to 100% to have maximum mana for longer. For an easy boss you’ll want to keep viper on to conserve your mana for the fight so you don’t run out too fast and have to use too many pots. For the last 5-10% if you have around 40%+ mana just swap to hawk and go all out.

  • Have true shot aura on if you have it to increase damage.

Mark- Remember to have hunters mark on things at all times to increase the raids dps.

Special Shots/skills- Use misdirect when pulling mobs or at the start of the boss to give the tank a quick burst of aggro.

  • Remember you have lots of different types of stings, (Serpent, Viper, Scorpid) use them at the right times.
  • If you have readiness remember the best times to use it and keep it saved, but don’t just forget about it, use it whenever you can unless you are saving it for something that will happen soon, it will increase your damage among other things.
  • If you are a survivalist hunter try to immobilize anything that is likely going to try picking up a healer, always helpful.
  • Use volley when mages are using aoe is what I feel is the best time.
  • Remember to use rapid fire to imp your dps, but remember how it drains your mana faster so get to learn the best times to use it.
  • Feign Death whenever your aggro is starting to catch the main tanks, never let it pass; I always try to stay third to fifth on the list. You want to try and keep your aggro down as much as possible in case of resist so use it at a time where you won’t be able to out aggro the main tank for 30 seconds so if it is resisted you don’t have to nerf your damage just so you don’t over aggro if resisted.

Traps-Use the right combination of traps at the right times e.g. frost trap is great for large groups of mobs, snake trap is bad when there is lots of CC everywhere.

Pet- I tend not to use my pet, as it sometimes can cause more damage than it’s worth. However a lot of people use it and it does increase your damage by 10-20%. I use it if we are coming up on a new boss where we need all the dps we can get, and i’ve read up on tatctics and know how i will have to keep it controled. Take growl off, have a pet with the right attributes for the area and make sure it has no aoe attacks on. Also having a stealth pet can be very useful. Also watch it’s health, if it’s taking damage take it out of there, you don’t want to be wasting mana on mend pet and healers should not be healing it. . If you know how to use it correctly and without it being a hindrance to your damage then it is a good thing to us. If your spending too much time and mana healing it and bring it back and forth and your shot rotation is sufferening because of it stop using it and get more practice in before next time. a link posted on pet control. Has a tatics on almost every raid boss and how easy it will be.

Kiting- As a way of CC you may sometimes have to kite mobs. If it’s just one (e.g. mores fight) just use freeze trap, run to the other side of the room, dps on the boss and lay another trap down when your done. For multi mobs (mana wymes) just lay a frost trap and pick them all up, then just fun forward and backwards over it to keep them controlled. This isn’t proper kiting but it is very useful and sometimes hard to get right.

Tactics- For bosses mainly use steady shot and let the auto shot go before you start steady again.

For raids my sequence is.. AotV/AotH on, Mark, -start-> Misdirect on MT, Aimed, Arcane, Steady, Auto, Steady, Auto, Multi, Steady, Auto… Serpent sting has now seemed to cause less damage than other shots and uses more mana. It is only suggested to be used when everything else is on cooldown or if you have 5 points on it. I always try to keep my % mana above the boss’s % health. If mine gets a good amount higher I use rapid fire and mix it with an aimed shot and steady shots. If I have a lot of mana at the end of the fight I use it again as well as arcane, multi extra to try getting high crits of them. Also you can always go into hawk if you got the mana too at this point.


~ by Arty on July 5, 2007.

9 Responses to “Raids: 1. Tactics for raids”

  1. First of you wrting this as an MS wich is outdate, sadly. Second AotV is not something you use in Raid’s and certainly not bosses, it’s a nerf to your dps at the point where it’s realy needed, always use AotH mebe except on Trash or when your jsut waiting in a phase transition. Use pot’s instead mana pot’s, Fel Mana it’s made for hunter 3200. and no down side’s.
    Distraction shot is useless, the aggro it generate’s is lower than fx. arcane shot or any other shot a hunter can fire instead, waste of GCD. Beside’s in TBC Raid ur not able to handle a mob ( SSC + Eye) in Kz it is possible for a short time but! don’t do it unless a Freezing trap is rdy.
    Never ever use Serpent sting, 666 dmg is NOTHING, try to compare it to an arcane shot,steady shot or multishot it does less damage and is alot more mana exspensiv. Waste of GCD and Mana. Scorpid and Viper are usefull at certain encounters but they are not numerous.
    You will not have readiness in a serious Raiding build, disable you to have valuable point in other talents.
    Disengage can’t even negate the Aggro you got from doing 1 melee swing with your two-hander, no matter how poorly gear you should be, FD when ever you can or get close to aggro, at the moment FD is bugged can be resisted without beeing reported, also FD can be resisted, so don’t wait it last second with using it.
    Try to use your pet as much as possible it’s not easy to use it but it’s and dps improvment for BM’s a major one and for MS a smaller one but it’s still there, so use it, it might be hard in the eginning but how to improve if you don’t use it?
    In TBC there aren’t a great deal of place’s one has to kite mob’s, the things mentioned can be avoided. Moroe’s Learn chain trapping can safe you from kiteing, Mana wyrms well as time goes by your guild/grp will get better at dealing with it resolving any “kiting”.
    Shot Rotation’s :
    For BM’s : auto-shot / Steady / Auto-shot/ KC / Steady / Auto-shot/ etc.
    For BM’s steady shot is the only viable shot! anything els cost higher mana, thou do use multishot if multiple target’s. Use KC AFTER auto shot els it will delay next autoshot! Use an addon like Sorren’s Timer for easier timing.
    For Surv or Ms: Auto-shot / steady / arcane or Multi / auto / Steady / arcane or Multi / auto etc.
    Due to now having serpent swiftness you’ll be able to use 2shot’s in between 2 auto-shot’s, if you use rapid fire or bloodlust and other speed increasing effect you wil not always be able to keep this rotaion then jsut switch to the BM.
    GlobalCoolDown or GCD is the enemy of the hunter. That is the factor that disable hunter’s from having any real use from attak speed’s goign lower than 1,5sec.

    For more indepth TheorieCrafting Mechanics etc. Just go to the homepage below but be aware it’s mot realy entry lvl.

  2. “Distraction shot is useless” i really don’t believe in this. i’ve spoken to tanks when raiding, and i’ve been told it can help them a lot. It may not give much, but with 2/3 being crits, it gives them the boost to keep ahead of any early high dps.

    i have to say arcane shot and multi shot, not a great thing to use if you are trying to conserve mana. Arcane shot is really not worth the mana with steady shot. An aimed shot cast every so often is better, as it causes a lot more damage and uses less to damage than arcane does.

    about serpent sting, i would say i would disagree, but what you say does prove your point. I think it’s just that it is a dot makes it handier to use, but i guess only if you are going to be using shots such as arcane and such other abilities as well.

    Lastly not having to use viper is correct, you can simply burn through pots, i just find if your on a ‘farmable’ boss there really shouldn’t be any need for it, and just using viper will give out less damage input, but will save you the potions. Maybe a bit of a lazy way but i can’t see the point in using them when not needed, unless your looking to get on top of the damage meter, which you can do without some of the time 🙂

    p.s i used to be mark and did raiding that spec, then switched to survival. These are simply tips that you need to remember you have for when the need to be used. no they can’t be used everywhere but different pieces can be helpful from place to place.

  3. distraction shot, well you must confuse it with Misdirection wich is VERY usefull.
    When Raiding firt you aiming for the highest DPS possible no matter the mana use, second the mana effeciancy- the rankings in mana effesianci is Steady-Multi-arcane-serppent etc. Not counting Aimed shot since it got useless with TBC coming out. usng aimed shot will reset Auto-shot therfore it’s utterly useless during fight.
    Yes potting full out on farm is ofc not demanded but who’s talking about farmable bosses? If farmable bosses still use aoth and mebe stop using arcane or multi and just steady, to save some mana.

    Might aswell learn them the correct thing from the beginning rather then having to learn them how to play all over once they progress. And i’m honestly tired of havign to tell hunter how to play and what theyr doing wrong. Ofc make’s me getting a new guild or a raid spot alot easier since idon’t have any competition but still i like a larger better Hunter communetie, so i finaly can avoid all the crap one can get on new servers or jsut all the forum flaming.

  4. sry forgot to add that serpent sting take’s up an debuff slot in 25man raid’s. Serpent sting hasn’t been usefull since you started using aimed shot in rotations back in the old days

  5. distraction shot yeah sorry =P i always forget about the other so get them mixed up. aimed shot yes useless during fighting *hopes for it to get buffed* but fights like aran when you have to run away and effectively start again, those points is where i prefer it, you can get very high starting crits off it.

    hmm hadn’t realized this about serpent sting, i’m gonna have to look into it. i have indeed used it less and less, and now only really use it for raids, didn’t know it was that worthless there too though.

  6. I agree with most of the points Nightstalker makes, and i’ll add the following:
    Serpent sting IS really useless, apart from when you have to move (lets say vashj phase 2), and your arcane shot is on a cooldown.

    As far as shot rotations go, i’d try asking the person that started this post:
    About the possibility of including his graphical representation of the “shot rotation” in some of your guides, it graphically show’s exactly how shot’s works. The only change to it, is that i’d cast kill command on top of a steady shot, as in, kill command followed by a steady 0.1 sec later, as to not interfere with the following auto shot.

    I haven’t checked all guides here, but a few pointers you might wish to include, is the “hidden” basic mechanics about the hunter class, such as:
    Autoshot and multishot takes 0.5 seconds to cast, even though they’re classed as “instants”, this means that if you fx use killcommand at the same time as autoshot should fire, it’ll delay the auto by 0.5 seconds, even though killcommand(KC) is an instant that does not activate the global cooldown.

    Steadyshot is affected by certain haste effects, such as serpent’s swiftness and some haste proc’s (not sure about the quiver), this means that even though you might think it’d clip your autoshot’s due to the 0.5 sec cast time on auto, it actually doesn’t use the full 1.5 sec casting time. This is relevant when activating/proc’ing certain haste effects, such as troll berserk and rapid fire.

    As for spec, if you apply pure math (see the spreadsheet here: ), you can see that for own personal dps, Beastmastery allmost allways comes out ahead, even when not counting pet. This is how awesome serpent’s swiftness is.
    As for raidwise dps, a survival hunter might add more in a 25 man raid with 1 target. As soon as there’s multiple targets, the power of the expose weakness is diminished. Also remember, that the hunter is capable of a 100% aggro wipe, while warriors/rogues/retridins can be limited by aggro, which makes expose weakness a bit weaker in the overall picture, no need to improve an aggro capped warrior’s AP…
    But, Survival still seems like a decent spec, just be prepared to be using some “rogue” leather with agi gems in it, as they’re often better than the AP’ish mail items that seems to drop everywhere, this is, if you’re optimising for PvE raiding.

    I’m a tad tired right now, but i’ll look through some stuff later.

    Artanis, if you wan’t to discuss anything i’m claiming in further detail, feel free to add me to your MSN, if it’s not shown on your end when i’m posting here, just contact Nightstalker to get it.

  7. i would like to point you in the direction of this tread regarding raiding whit pets….

  8. Stop using aimed shot. Only use it when doing a MD pull.

  9. I have found as MM that a fel mana pots, and keeping hawk on (except when 40% mana and pots on CD) will keep everything running smoothly.
    Rotation wise, I see it as (pull) MD tank, Aimed, Steady, Arcane.
    actual in fight rot is more along the lines of Auto, multi (if no CC/ unaggroed mobs), Arcane, auto, steady, auto, steady, auto, arcane, auto, steady, auto, multi, arcane.
    I try and keep Scorpid (if no other hunters assigned, or in 5man where I am the only hunter) on anything swinging at the tank, or anything I am about to pull into my trap – I also, when getting my traps attention use this macro

    /cast [modifier:alt] [target=focus,exists] Distracting Shot
    /cast Distracting Shot

    This will not only cast your distracting to keep mob from headed elsewhere, but will also turn off autoattack/shot and keep you from breaking your own trap. You can also use this on your trapped mobs to keep aggro on you when it breaks, as opposed to going right for the healer, if it is something you have to keep trapped more than a few times, focus it, pop a distracting. My syntax could be very wrong, seeing as how I saw this macro many months ago, and incorporated it using copy and paste. I haven’t looked at my macro sheet in a while so it is probably very off base on the syntax. I am sure you get the idea though. Great guide from what I have ready, working on reading the rest later. Bed for now, Great site!
    I would however love to see some updates for things like recommending using stings like serpent… NEVER, waste of GCD and debuff slot. I recommend *not* using that past level 20, except to keep a rogue out of stealth, or throw one up when you have to stop actually firing your bow/gun for a period to sustain at least a bit of damage (I use the crap out of it kiting elites, and immo traps… though I will use both of those 1vs1 in pvp as well – burning down faster is always better).
    Good luck hunters!

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