PvP: 4. Gear

Make sure you have very high stamina for any pvp, arena or battlegrounds. A hunter is seen as a weak target if within the right range. This is why normally you’ll get hit first. You can get near enough to a hunter and kill them fast without taking much damage as the hunter can’t shoot them, the hunter normally held there by some type of CC.

I normally try to have 10k health. This will keep me alive long enough if i am CC’d.

Next i always try to aim for +crit gear. The extra boosts of damage done become very helpful on single targets. It can finish them off before a late heal, of before they have time to ice block/bubble.

After that there is not much I’m not concerned too much with other stats. Resilience and attack power are what really comes next. But you should have enough attack power from having the rest of your gear anyway, and resilience is gained though pvp items which of course should be equipped during pvp.


~ by Arty on July 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “PvP: 4. Gear”

  1. I have full Season 1, Season 1 Xbow with Season 3 2h Axe.

    My Attack Power is very low, i get laughed at by other hunters, but i hit as hard as hunters with 1k more attack power.

    Find a system/layout that works for YOU and you will make up for the disadvantages people may think they have over you.

  2. dude i think id only really go for resil and attack power so if u get up close to them or they get up close to u, u can hit hard + your snake trap will also help out im hiting like 4k + crits on melee and 8k or less on my range crits the resil is good for like rogues and wars or pallys but not much to worry on pallys lol they bunch of noobs… o yeah i 4 got bout the shammys all i can say bout them is trap and run then blow the hell out of them from didtance… have yet to find a way to properly kill a shammy mail me if u have ne advice lol z_mac_92@yahoo.com

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