PvP: 3. Arena Tatics- Markmanship

This is the best class for pvp in the areas where there are larger groups of people. Battlegrounds and 5v5 arena groups are best suited to the mark hunter. You give the largest amount of base damage and have the ability to get a target of you when needed.

Your aim is to stay at the back of the group, let others charge and then get into range once the combat has started. This will help stopping you getting uninterrupted making life a lot easier for you.

For a 2v2 send your pet in, then target the other, scatter shot, then freeze. This should give you time to deal with the target you just put your pet on. I suggest putting rapid fire on and using a aimed shot, then whatever else you can unleash. This should get your target down faster causing less trouble and giving less pressure. Once the first one is down it should be an easy fight. If your group member can CC as well i suggest they take it, and you save your freeze trap to control the other one, saving damage taken.

For 3v3 it is about the same as 2v2, keep rapid fire for the healer to take him down fast, scatter when you are being attacked in melee or a weaker player is then freeze them. Use your CC to keep others alive while your dealing as much damage as you can on your target. Don’t use aimed shot if you are targeted, it will take too long to cast if you are constantly interrupted.

For 5v5 keep at the back, don’t jump in at all. Keep an eye on your back and keep your freeze trap up. Save scatter for a desperate time and just deal as much damage as you can. The first stage in a 5v5 battle is the most important. If you can kill one of theirs first it gets so much easier. Just try to keep people off you and off your healers. It depends on your fights but longer fights can be best played with viper, but if they are short stay hawk.

All in all keep your healers and yourself safe, unleash all your damage at the start and keep out of peoples way to ensure your damage will be higher.


~ by Arty on July 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “PvP: 3. Arena Tatics- Markmanship”

  1. Heh… nothing new for me ;>

  2. I do like the tactic of Scatter Shot> Run In> Lay a Freeze Trap> /lol at target.


  3. Hello Hello, I am back!

    I have changed spec! I went from BM to Survival for a few days and enjoyed the ridiculous crit chance but the crits weren’t all too high. The CC was fun, being able to sleep and freeze often but the crits didn’t hit hard enough for me. I think this was due to me being geared and enchanted towards BM spec, lack of RAP. My favourite thing as a Survival hunter was;
    WSG – Enemy Flag Room
    3 Horde on defence. I ran in, slept the priest, froze the warrior and downed the mage. As the Mage fell and his allies felt helpless, I nabbed the flag lol!

    I nearly went back to BM after being slightly disappointed by Survival but I thought I’d have a quick try at being Marksman. How I love it! Last night I two shotted a level 70 mage with aimed shot crit [4.2k] and then multishot crit [2.6k]. Scatter shot is a dream against in your face Warriors or cheeky Rogues. It is also great for getting a mounted Horde stationary long enough to freeze then aim shot. Silencing shot, Oh how I love this. For Mages trying to Pyroplast you, feign death. For Paladins trying to heal themselves, Silence! This stops them from healing themselves which shortens the battle and greatly increases your change of being the victor.

    Now, my Survival and Marksman experiences in Arena.

    As a Survival it wasn’t bad. For 3v3 I was able to CC well but in the battle would often be broken. It hit as I did as BM but with the pet doing less damage and me being vunerable to CC.

    As a Marksman, we’ve won a great deal. I hit/crit very hard and often and can silence a caster which renders them as useful as a paper chair. Scatter has saved my healers life many times as it stops that pesky arms warrior from taking huge chunks of his life way and allows him to heal and me to freeze.

    So my conclusion?

    I reiterate that BM spec is best for One on One. I found grinding quicker and easier as BM because my pet did more damage and held agg very well, now I take agg from autoshot [-.-].

    For Arena, I think that MM is probably best as you can destroy most targets all whilst rendering casters useless. Survival isn’t bad, but I don’t think it suited my style of play / gear.

    All of this is only my opinion and fits in with my own experiences. I understand I am not an über hunter or even player of WoW so I don’t mind critisisms =P

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