PvP: 2. Arena Tatics- Survival

This is the best spec for situations of getting into melee and getting damage done in unexpected amounts. I find this really the best for pvp as the name suggests you survive longer letting you dish out more damage. Also it makes CC a lot easier giving you more time.

You aim is to get control of one and help kill the main target. After that you are to keep yourself alive and anything near you away from everyone else if needed.

To do this sleep is very helpful. It allows you to instantly take care of one in a 2v2 and let you both focus on the other. If they get out of this early you can always try to immobilize them and freeze them if needed. Use rapid fire asap letting you sleep quickly before they can strike, and then use aimed shot on the other and then arcane and auto, then steady after. This should give the fastest possible damage, leaving only 1 more for you and your partner. From there it is a easy fight, and you have skills such as readiness for if you somehow get in trouble.

For 3v3 it’s similar tactics. The only real difference is you may need to use readiness quicker to keep 2 CC’d or to protect another team mate. Apart from that same thing, keep up dps and kill as fast as you can, losing a player quickly is a big blow to take.

For 5v5 the tactics become a little different. You will probably use freeze straight away for anyone charging in, but your CC must be saved. This is because you must protect other players and keep yourself ready for an unexpected attack. Also dps is a bit slower, but still hard. save readiness till you are fully fixed on a target and not having to move so much. Stay near the back and if you are being chased, traps and kiting are always very helpful. They can take someone out of the game, leaving your mates to take the battle with one less, when you can still help out from distance.

So in summary use your skills, and attack fast, get those crits hitting asap and kill them before they heal. Use your methods of CC well, but try not to lose to much time out of it.


~ by Arty on July 14, 2007.

8 Responses to “PvP: 2. Arena Tatics- Survival”

  1. I’ve duelled many Survival spec hunters and i’ve had no trouble. I will try and upload a video of me duelling an epic’d survival hunter one day.

    He did initially use Wyvern Sting on me, but i had my pvp trinket and i was out of that. A quick click on Bestial Wrath, Intimidation and Rapid Fire, i have an aimed shot unloading already. Remember in these situations my pet deals a LOT of damage with me being BM spec.

    I feel of course that it is more about the player than the gear, i have found a method that works and i spam it duel in, duel out.

    Is there anyone here who finds killing a BM hunter easy? Are we Over Powered when it comes to the ol’ pvp? I’d like to hear other peoples opinions.

  2. Honestly, I’ve had no real trouble beating BM hunters as Marksman. While yes BW comes into play almost immediately with most, i’ve simply targetted the pet and a quick tranq shot works to stop that most of the time, then being blood elf mm i’m given a good 5 second silence and around 3k in crit strike every 6 shots i’ve maintained an advantage on BM’s. While yes I’ll agree that it is about how you play rather than what you have, it’s still a strong toss up because every spec has it’s advantage/disadvantage. One of these days like you i’ll have to video dueling a BM hunter as MM. try to give a lil insight to the shot rotation and strategy i’ve learned to love.

  3. A good bm hunter is very hard to kill. But so is a good “any other class”. Typically, when i duel one, as soon as i see bw cast, i fd and run, and try my best to stay away for 18 seconds, lol. Or as long as i can. Typically if I last those 8 seconds, and we’re geared the same, i’ll win.

    I’m not the best hunter out there, there are some much better, but that’s just my experience.
    Character name: killatwo
    server: hyjal

  4. Note: I use a hybrid build, deep into sv (no readiness)/ up to CE in the mm tree, with scatter shot of course.

  5. In response to Silverjedi i have fought and beaten BM hunters quite easily before. Its just a matter of using wyv sting a the beginning as he did but using readiness immediatly after due to the fact that you can get out of it using that trinket. Then when u pop BW cast deterence and run in close to the BM hunter. pet will be dodge/[parried quite a bit and the hunters wing clip or frost trap or ice trap ability has a 15% (atleast if u put points into surefooted) chance of being resisted. This allows you to close witht he other hunter until BW fades then exit close range and wyv sting 1m time. then trap the pet and then you have all the time you need to set up about killing hte BM hunter it realy depends on whether ur equipped for raids or pvp here considering you have to move fast but if you do this correctly you will have an easier time.

  6. I love my surv specced hunter. so far i have been fortunate enough to come out on top in every duel ive done. i am primarily melee poppin out to renew stings or to get a crit and keep EW on my mark but otherwise im going toe to toe with em constantly stayin behind them. so far i have taken down warriors, pallys, rogues, shams, and a few other hunters. i find that bm hunters and enhance shams cause the most trouble (shams can deal out massive damg very quick and bm is rather difficult getting close to) but marks arent too bad i find that alot of em at my current level freak out and dont know how to get out of melee nor do i give them the chance (imp WC and CA ftw! 😀 ) but yea thats my two cents on surv hunters and ill post a video when it happens but ive been challenged to duel a ms warrior on my server my friend doesnt think i will pull it off but he doesnt kno anyone else that has a good chance to do it. till next time

  7. this is my first time trying out surv spec should i get explosive shot and how should i fix my build?

  8. Hey jorge
    There are two main specs for survival right now. One where you do more damage at range and another which requires you be be fairly close to your target. Trap dancing, the later of the two, is probally the better spec of the two. If you are specing for arena/pvp you will need a custom built spec of this.

    If you could email me (my address is on the about page (theres a link to it at the side)) i can link you some suggestions if not today then in the next few days.

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