PvP: 1. Arena Tatics- Beast Mastery

I don’t feel i know strong enough on this section. Please leave comments so i can put everything together and complete it. Layout:

This is the best spec for:

You aim is :




In summary:


~ by Arty on July 16, 2007.

7 Responses to “PvP: 1. Arena Tatics- Beast Mastery”

  1. Always be imba …

  2. I know you made a mark and a survival speced hunter. But you didn’t, I mean I can’t find, made a BM hunter. Couldn’t you try that and make your hunter guide more complete? Other then that a fantastic job!

  3. I am and have always been a BM spec’d hunter. With over 15k pvp kills, i consider myself a fairly successful pvp’er. I have started arena around a month ago and have myself a nice S3 weapon, Vengeful War Axe something or another :D.

    I feel that BM spec is purely for one on ones. Not only can we be made immune to ALL crowd controls [Beastial Wrath], we can CC our targets long enough to get an aimed shot away using Intimidation, a three second stun. If anyone on Darkspear [EU] wants a duel, i’d love to see how you play 🙂

    I have been and still do participate in 2v2 and 3v3 arena teams. Here is my OPINION on the situations and what i do…

    For my 2v2 i am with a Discipline priest. A priest that takes some downing!

    I am the dps, the healer is basically the tank who heals himself and tanks the 1/2 opponents. With pain supression and decent gear, this can be done. My job is to, if possible, take one opponent out of the equation by some means of CC. Remember fellow huntards, SCARE BEAST WORKS ON DRUIDS! It’s beautiful ;). I first target clothies and take them down very quick with rapid fire, bestial wrath, trinket buff and aimed shot. This is a deadly combonation. If i am under attack when trying to range dps, i will have a shield put on me to help prevent any spell interuption which is my case is aimed shot. I do attempt a freeze but usually they are trinketed out on the first go.

    If i am up against a pally healer and a dps, i dps the pally down until he has to bubble [Divine Shield] and then i CC/focus dps on the other opponent. All the time i have a viper sting on him as most pally’s are too focused on other tasks than to dispell themself.

    For 3v3’s, i have tried a bit with a feral druid and have a arms warrior to partner with now aswell as my disc priest, this will be more successful i feel.

    I will post another response as to how that works out.

    Happy Gaming!


  4. Hi guys.
    Thought I’d hit with a reply seeing as my previous post was 3 months ago. I’m now up to nearly 25k kills but I try to do more PvE now.

    I went for a stint as MM and loved the ridiculous crits, 5445 on a critter lol, and the complete control over healers. Want to try and heal? Silence! Want to try and mana burn? Scatter and Freeze! But having hovering at around 1600 arena rating, we felt hard done by, by the seamlessly endless run of Warrior and Druids. I returned to the wonder that is Beast Mastery.

    The first 8 games as BM spec, me and my disc priest buddy won. We came across our bread and butter classes, Clothies and other Hunters. The next day we chose to see how we’d do against the big boys in shiny S3.

    What I hate about Arena, is how straight away Hunters are put at a disadvantage. We need range, we need LoS and we have no defence against Rogues or anyone teamed with a Paladin. WHY should a Paladin be able to dispel the Hunters only defence against melee class when we have a movement impairment? We lay a trap, Boof, they’re out. We can’t fire at PLATE wearing healers when they are Pole Dancing abusing LoS, and I’m being hit by an endless source of DPS, Warriors/Rogues. They can regain mana extremely well with Blessing of Wisdom. They can make their ally immune to physical effects – which again is most of our arsenal and can make themselves invulnerable to EVERYTHING for 10 seconds. To top it off they have lengthy stuns which can be the final nail in our bloodied coffin. As MM I found it easier to take down a Paladin thanks to Silence and Scatter Shot. As BM now though, I can burn the Warrior with stupid resilience to around 20% before he’s back to 80% with one super quick heal.

    Now however, Druids are seen less as a threat and we have a much better, if not 100%, win record against Druid teams. Thanks to Intimidation, they find it harder to HoT and scarper. Also, my pet has Rank 9 Bite and Claw so on his own can seriously hurt the wee leather wearer. Bestial Wrath, Bloodlust Brooch and Rapid Fire, Goodnight! With the gear slowly getting better, we are slowly climbing the arena ladder. But there are some classes that, no matter how bad they are and how good we are, we will just lose. It is awfully demoralising but hey, Rock/Paper/Scissor right? It is down to the luck of the draw and how to approach/defend against those classes that just trump us.

    We hit 1680 rating before losing twice to Full S3 Warrior/Paladin and decided to cut our losses at just over 1650. Have S3 Legs and Hands now along with the S3 War Axe.

    Ooh, one more thing. As for 3v3. Me and my 2v2 Priest have joined with a Retridin and we do some awesome burst damage. The fights need to be quick due to the mana munching Retridin but so far so good 

    Conclusion: MM Owns Paladins, BM Owns Druids.

    Take care, fellow Hunters and hope to hear of your success. For a chat, tip, comment feel free to email me at ricky_badham@hotmail.co.uk.


  5. thank you for the comment.

    I’ve currently been a resto druid for around 3 months now, i rarely use my hunter now. From my pvp experiences i have found a BM hunter is a perfect team mate. The hunter becomes immune to all CC for the start of the fight, and as a druid you are pretty much immune anyway. This gives the hunter time to almost always nuke on of the two down while you keep him hoted and keep the other CC’d, root and cyclone (cyclone to interupt and stop those heals). 9/10 times your left with 2v1. At this point hot both of you up and go bear and both should be able to take the remaining person.

    From the hunter point of view, your focus is to nuke one guy down and prevent heals as possible, as well as mana drain if all goes badly. You shouldn’t need to worry about your health, or too much on the other person. If they both are alive after the crucial period put your pet on the healer (although for a druid this is not great as hots are instant), mana drain and your druid should be able to keep you both up for the fight. Freeze when possible, possibly lay one next to a roots so once they get out and the dot stops they are instantly frozen, nice trick.

    MM is a very nice spec for some groups, but can be awful for others. It really puts you down to the rock paper scissors. BM however is a more safe spec that should left you deal with most groups.

    Your grouping as 3v3 sounds good, as long as a few heals can still be put out if needed, but the faster the dps the better!

    Best of luck


  6. OK…. i am sadly pressed 2 say that a lot of BM hunters waste 2 much time in relying on there range weapon. i am BM 41 SV 20 and i dare say me and my pet go in any 2V2, i usually go with my friend Craydin (mage) hes speced fire yes FIRE, honestly think about the skills a BM hunter has with a fire mage, we won just last night 97% of are arenas as a bm hunter i rely on my melee weapons and pet the most, yes its nice 2 pop rapid fire on a clothy or a healer and take em fast but my range is my weakness so i picked up 2 nice weapons, right glad ripper and sun-forge axe, with these 2 i can crit near 1k melee, and if im up against any hunter or rogue they really cant do much, 1 because im immune 2 all effects for 18s, 2 after the effects are up i pop deterance yes deterance the bread and butter of a true PVPER, i can say that i have downed every type of rogue melee and kept em busy or immoblized as my friend Craydin bursts damage them down 2 zero with the help of my wind serpent, its range lightning breath is priceless u got any immoblized guy and ur pet is low pull em back and just cast the range spell of the pet, as the spec i am i can dps fast in range and melee i hold up against any class and if i got a problem i got a polymorph coming if needed and the frozen sheep taken out of picture until the other guy is down, i typically save beastily wrath, and use intimadation fast, it stuns stops and ownes any healer, and by the time the healer is down intimadation is back up and i still have beastily wrath. now if my mage friend is going down fast, i lay a trap on top of me so its kinda camoflauged, and my mage friend kites the guy to the trap works every time, as a bm survi hunter i can say that im confident in saying every singly hunter ive gone against died fast, not because i can out dps him range but because most hunters use polearms 2.9-3.2 sec weapons, well i got 2 2.6 sec weapons on 10% perry 26% dodge and if i need 2 i could pop deterance which just is like cheat death i perry and dodge like theres no tomarrow, if anyone wants 2 check out my build and mimic or send suggestions go right ahead 2 check my build out and my items and w/e else ill throw up my armory link, im a poor hunter keep in mind so enchants are the last thing im looking for

    and one more thing. plz all you hunters out there that love 2 try and cast aimed shot, use a brain, u wont get it off when a warrior charges in u wont hit a mage because they will blink out of range before it hits or use iceblock, u wont hit a rogue with there dodge rating, so y use it yes its nice 2 hit for 2.5-4.5k on a clothy but honestly that couple seconds ur wasting 2 cast that spell is wasted dps that u could be putting scorpid sting or viper sting or saving ur partner from going down early

    dont just use ur gun and a single bullet use ur brain and tons of bullets


    thats my link look think view hate laugh, but my build surly beats all so far

    heres the link

  7. okay i realize that in some sercumstances, things go badly but y do people waste talent points in aimed shot can any one explain that 2 me, when u can get deterance and live longer so your partner can DPS, now arty knows marks and Survivalists, but i have lived BM 41 Survivalist 20 and theres nothing like watching a rogue trying 2 get away from me because i am dodging 50% of the time and 35% of the time parrying and while doing this all i got snakes slowing him more and my pet Dpsing him, people say hunters are OP people Say SS rogues are OP i say use ur brains and you will be OP, its not hard 2 mimic someone else’s build/items/styles but find a build that suits u, and make sure if u plan on doing arena then build 2 support and live and dps not just dps u will still get those geared fellas that own u fast but i can say that every loss my arena team suffered yesterday, was due 2 doing arena with people that know what there doing and knowing and doing is 2 different things, me and my mage friend went up against our friend fivenine and his friend a holy pally, pally stunned me right off the bat, i knew wat was coming so i saved my trinket, the stun almost up so fivenine tried blinding me 2 get me out of the picture longer, i trinketed it and dpsed like hell on the pallidin, yes he was holy yes he had 10k mana yes we lost but we lost fashionably 2 friends that knew wat 2 do now pure burst and QQ when LOS is a problem or range is a problem

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