PvE: 3. Farming

Basically all you need to do to farm is to slowly damage your target, trying to keep your pet with the aggro, controlling any extra mobs that attack you and using the least amount of mana you can doing this. This lets you have less down time, meaning less eating/drinking letting you kill and loot more.



slow dps leaving your pet with the aggro, while saving mana. This means you’ll get less down time and you should find things a lot easier.

Mark –> Misdirect (if no cooldown) –> Aimed Shot (if used misdirect)–> Steady Shot –> Steady Shot –> Auto Shot –> Steady Shot –> Auto Shot –> Steady Shot –> Auto Shot……

Use mend pet when necessary, easy now as it’s a hot. Just heal when it’s losing health ) Only use aimed shot if you use misdirect. Only use this if your pet will not hold aggro and your FD is on cooldown. The more often you use this the faster your mana will drain giving you more down time.

If you gain aggro then the best thing is to feign death. This loses all your aggro but your pet keeps it, letting you start dps again without gaining aggro.

Lay a freeze/frost trap. I always used to use a freeze trap. This will stop the target trapped from moving for around 30 secs. This is great if you are against two targets as it lets your pet take one while you hit it, and leaves the other doing nothing. The frost trap is great for if you have three or more targets. It lets your pet take one, and lets you damage another and the extra(s) will not be able to get to you so fast. Just keep running across the trap every time they get near you. This will mean they will hardly hit you and buy you some time till you get down to 2 for a freeze trap.

Taken from shot rotations


If you are farming look for what you want on thottbot for the best chance drop. However this is not always the best place to go as there may already be several people there making life a lot harder. Remember how many you can kill in a certain time counts towards it too. killing 10 mobs with a 33% chance in a minute is better than 3 mobs with A 45% chance in a minute.

Overall try not to get hit any way you can, using your pet, traps and slowing/immobilizing skills and damage at range. Don’t use high mana using skills too much and make the most of your auto shot. The less mana you use the longer you can go.

Get some good drink that can restore mana fast and since your health should rarely get down that low use it rarely to save gold on expenses. Try to use your own cooked food as that will give you helpful buffs to make you go even faster.


~ by Arty on August 11, 2007.

One Response to “PvE: 3. Farming”

  1. Aspect of the Viper will always help also when grinding.

    I am currently BM spec with 41/20, pure pvp spec, but i find grinding extremely easy and my pet is a great tank (even for a dps cat, i’ve invested in armour). With my heavy PvP gear i unload a lot of damage and if i take agg, the target is often downed before it reaches me.

    Depending on the target of course will cause for my shot rotation to alternate.

    What you are saying i agree with, btw, checked you out on armoury and Wow, insane crit %!

    Check me out if you want, Silverjedi – Darkspear Server [EU]

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