Pet: 3. Focus and cast bar

Although you use mana, your pet does not. It uses focus, the same as a rogue does. Focus is /100 and your pet will gain 24 focus every 4 seconds. Normal attacks don’t use any focus but skills on the pets cast bar does.

Considering skills such as..

Growl – 15 Focus every 5 sec

this alone is fine meaning your pet will always be able to growl when it’s cooldown is gone.

however add..

Bite – 35 Focus every 5 sec

onto that then your pet will not always get to cast both of these when the cooldowns run out meaning your pet can end up not using growl as often so gaining less aggro.

This goes onto the cast bar. You can choose whether you want your pet on either offensive – meaning it will attack anything that it can within a small range, defensive meaning your pet will attack whatever attacks you and lastly passive which means it will attack what you tell it to.

I find passive is best because your pet won’t go off and do something without you noticing of wanting it to.

As well as this you get four free spots to add special skills. These are the skills that will cost focus, such as growl, bite, dive etc.. passive skills like fire resistance and cobra reflexes will still be in use without being on the cast bar. The skills on the cast bar can have two different settings on them. Normal and with a golden line round. This means normal- the pet will not use the skill unless you click on it and golden line – your pet will automatically use this skill when it can. you can swap between each by right-clicking on the skill on the bar.

So for instance normally i will only have growl and dive on automatic when farming, so my pet will charge towards the enemy (shift+T) when starting saving time and will only spend the rest of it’s focus on growl therefore gaining maximum aggro. I will deselect other skills so focus isn’t wasted.

When in instances and raids i will have everything switched off apart from lighting breath which is instant cast and without cooldown, so only spending focus on it’s highest damaging skill. Also with 2 points on go for the throat (mark talent tree) i gain 50 focus per crit and with a 35% crit chance every 3rd hit my pet will only spend this 50 focus on the lightning breath and not waste on a growl when there is a warrior tanking.

Remember only 4 can be put onto this bar so choose carefully and if you wish to swap go to a pet trainer to get them removed so you can choose again which to put up, but this will cost gold.


~ by Arty on August 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Pet: 3. Focus and cast bar”

  1. Largely incorrect there at the end.

    1) Haven’t tested it out, but you can move things around on the pet bar, you might be able to replace some of the other abilities (stay, the 3 ‘settings’ etc) with abilities. Haven’t tried yet.

    2) Your pet has a SPELLBOOK just like you do. Open up your spell book when your pet is out and you’ll notice a 2nd tab on it. Click there and “poof” all your pet’s skills. Not only does this mean you can choose which 4 abilities go on the bar (just click and drag like your own), but you can also use ALL of the pets abilities from there as well, thus giving you more than 4 options if you wish, thereby saving gold.

    Normally wouldn’t say anything but that is just a BIG thing, it should be noticed.

  2. I believe what she means is that you can only train your pet in a maximum number of active skills (which can be put on the pet action bar). If you decide to change one or more of your pets active skills, you would have to pay to unlearn them much like respeccing a character.

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