Pet: 4. Loyalty and leveling

There are 6 different levels of loyalty. Your pet will start at level 1 – Unruly, and will end at level 6 – Best Friend. You can view what level your pet is on your pet tab. The lower the level of loyalty your pet is the more food it will need to be happy and the faster it will run away when unhappy.

The pet will get a higher loyalty level by being within the happy and content level of happiness more than unhappy. Also by your pet being in melee combat holding aggro more is believed to make your pet become more loyal faster.

The main bonuses of having your pet at ‘best friend’ status is that you have to feed your pet a lot less often, and you also get training points (similar to your talent points) that can be used to improve your pet.

Leveling your pet is similar to leveling yourself. Where you would get xp your pet does, excluding getting xp from quests which your pet does not. Every level your pet gains it gains some training points. Your pet does not have to attack to get xp, a good reason to have your pet out at your side in an instance without using it if your pet is a few levels behind you because as you get loot, your pet gains experience.


~ by Arty on August 19, 2007.

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