Pet: 2. Training and skills

Your pet gains training points when it gains a loyalty level and when it gains a level. Go to your spell book and under general there will be ‘Beast Training’. This will open up a tab listing all the skills you can teach your pet.


Grey skills are the ones that your pet already knows and the green are what you can still teach it. When you select a skill it will say how many training points it will cost you to learn it. However you don’t need to by a skill rank by rank. You can go straight in and buy the last rank without touching the rest, and it will cost the same amount.

Say rank 1 = 10 points, rank 2 = 15 points and rank 3 = 25 points.

If you buy rank 1 it will cost you 10 points, and then if you buy rank 2 it will only cost you 5 points. Then buying rank 3 will cost you 10 points. If you go straight for rank 2 then it will cost you 15 points then rank 3 will cost you 10 points. Wherever you start getting to rank 3 will always cost 25 points.

An easy way to see the spells you have purchased just go to your spellbook and select the tab pet and it will show the list.

Ways to get a bigger list of skills available to teach:

You can learn some from a pet trainer when you level up so make sure you check them out when you go to your hunter trainer.

Another way is by taming a pet that has that skill. Then by using it for a while gaining loyalty you will eventually be put into your pet training list to teach to future pets. So for example taming a Forest Spider in Elwynn Forest will teach you how to train other pets with Bite rank 1. To get higher ranks and different skills you will have tame different beasts.

Here’s a list which will lead to petopia so you know what you must train and where it is for your desired skill. It will also state what each skill does.

From the Pet Trainer:

From the Wild:

Remember to use your stable, so you can always keep your main pet and simply leave it at the stable while going off to train a new pet, learn it’s skill, then dismissing it by right-clicking on it’s portrait, then go back to the stable and pick up your main pet and teach it the new skill.

Remember once you have all the skills you want start to use your stable to it’s maximum efficiency.


~ by Arty on August 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “Pet: 2. Training and skills”

  1. I know that the first pets you train have unique abilities. Is it possible to put one of them immediately into your stable to keep the ability or will the stablemaster not recognize you yet? My hunter’s allready on end game but I was curious before I started an alt.

  2. okay basicly i got this issue. i have been doing PvP and i just dont have time 2 click my kill command when i do a critical and so im wasting precise damage on trying 2 either buttom smash 2 get 2 it or 2 mouse over it and fear i misclick and pop a trinket or otherwise important skill. i was hoping if you knew of any macro that i can set up that activates kill command as i critical, i know there is some macros i can do like /cast autoshot /cast killcommand and so on but, is there a way 2 make a macro 2 automaticly cast kill command on critical? i know this sounds farfetched but i been trying 2 figure out different ways 2 set it up and improve my pets dps tenfold being 41 bm 20 suri so if you know of any way plz for heavens sake get back to me

    Buriz -Zuluhed Us Realm

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