Pet: 1. Using the stables and different pets

Talk to a stable master and buy the free slot there. This will give you aenough slots for a good range of pets.

I will have one pet used for normal farming, with all it’s points put on growl, dash and armor and health. This means my pet can move in quickly, take aggro at maximum efficiency and be the strongest it can against the melee damage it will take.

Then i have an elemental pet that has growl, dive, fire breath and points put onto resistances. This means it can take aggro, move in fast, use fire breath to aggro a group and take a lot less damage from spell casters where armor is useless.

Both of these should have a higher defense rate and a low attackive rate.

Lastly i will have a pvp/raid pet will just lightning breath and spare points put onto health and armor, cobra reflexes and avoidance just to help survive.

Normaly you would have a very high damage pet, but the wind serpent comes with the lightning breath skill that more than makes up the damage loosed especially with go for the throat and a high crit chance as it will prot a lot more causing very high damage. This shows to remember the skills as well, as they may more than make up for it’s lower stats.

The damage table is…

Damage Armor Health
Bat +7% +0% +0%
Bear -9% +5% +8%
Boar -10% +9% +4%
Carrion Bird +0% +5% +0%
Cat +10% +0% -2%
Crab -5% +13% -4%
Crocolisk +0% +10% -5%
Dragonhawk +0% +0% +0%
Gorilla +2% +0% +4%
Hyena +0% +5% +0%
Nether Ray +3% -10% +10%
Owl +7% +0% +0%
Raptor +10% +3% -5%
Ravager +10% +5% -7%
Scorpid -6% +10% +0%
Serpent +0% +0% +0%
Spider +7% +0% +0%
Spore Bat +0% +0% +0%
Tallstrider +0% +0% +5%
Turtle -10% +13% +0%
Warp Stalker -6% +5% +0%
Wind Serpent +7% +0% +0%
Wolf +0% +5% +0%

~ by Arty on August 20, 2007.

One Response to “Pet: 1. Using the stables and different pets”

  1. i was wondering if you could let me know where you got your pets from ive been using a regular warp stalker and king b and i was looking for more of a dps for raids and a tanking/semi dps for farming but ive tried looking around i havnt found any decent info if you could send me an email that would be great

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