Basics: 2. FAQ

I want to do a lot of damage. Is this a good class for me?

Yes it is. You may seem not to be doing as high amount of damage say as mages and rogues to start, but later on in the game you should be doing very high damage. From my experiences all the top end game guilds have their hunters at the top of the damage meter. This is because hunters can do high damage over a short time (not as much as mages, but during long fights their dps gets far lower because their mana drains very quickly) and can keep up steady damage through a long fight (not as high as warlocks but during short fights their spells don’t have enough time to cause their maximum damage, therefore doing a lot lower damage). So hunters seem to be in between warlocks and mages, but the thing about hunters is that there are lots of things they can do to improve their damage even more so pushing ahead of both.

I want to be helpful to my group. Is this a good class for me?

Yes as you can do high damage when needed, you can Crowd Control in different ways such as keeping one target completely under control by freezing, slowing a group with a frost trap. So there are lots of traps to use for different situations, as well as having different sting shots for different mobs. You will be the only person who can pull some difficult mobs to the group without getting to many attacking you. There are also other skills that lets you fight against all different types of mobs meaning you should always be in control which is always nice to have in a group. Lastly you will get good skills for groups either spec you go late on in game – having your own mini tank, silencing spell casters and keeping them off healers with scatter shot and the last way being able to sleep targets and improving your CC which all groups need and love.

Is it possible to play a Hunter without using a pet?

A question i wanted to know when i chose the hunter. The answer is you can play without your pet, in pvp and instances they are not needed at all although they can be helpful. When questing they aren’t a need but they make life A LOT easier and i don’t suggest not using it. Having a pet doesn’t make you alone worse off than other classes. You are in fact more over powered than other classes apart from the fact of having a dead zone. This is the area that you can’t use your bow as targets are too close. Hunters are the only class with this as mages and warlocks can cast spells no matter how close they are to a target. Hunters just have their pet to help keep things out of the dead zone.

Is it possible to play a melee-oriented Hunter?

Basically I’ll just say no. Up to level 30ish and possibly in the 40s you can melee a bit but after that the targets will just get too strong and kill you too easily. The only reasons for a hunter to melee is to try and help you get away. Hunters only get two melee spells. A big hit with a long cooldown and a small hit which slows the target. What i do is once the target gets near run at it, use both skills so hit it hard, and slow it down, then run away and continue shooting it. This should be the only melee you use. If you want a melee class pick the rogue for damage and a warrior for defending.

What’s the spec for leveling? And whats best after that?

Well all three are fine. I used markmanship and didn’t have much problem. However the best is beast mastery. It lets your pet become a lot more part of the game and it becomes a lot more helpful. You send your pet out and you won’t be able to get aggro off it meaning you can do a lot more damage quicker without worrying that you will get aggro. This saves a lot of time as these fights are a lot quicker than fights where you do get aggro. So it’s quicker and easier, but a lot people find it less fun and do respec end-game. However some people do really enjoy it.

For end game beast mastery is still the best spec for grinding and is very good for raiding, but can get harder having to use your pet in raids. Marksmanship is good for pvp and raids as the main factor is that you get high core damage as well as a few helpful skills such as scatter shot and silence shot. Also Aimed shot is lower down in the tree which pretty much everyone goes for even if they put all the rest of their points in another tree. Survival is a good overall, grinding isn’t as easy as beast mastery but a lot more fun, pvp is good as you can keep people away from you easier and with the right gear you will be a key player in raids, getting very high damage, using different types of CC and getting your damage off extra damage from crit’s rather than off core damage.

Each one is good end game and all are accepted unlike back in the old days at level 60 where only marksmanship was the only good spec. All have been evened out so you can freely change to what you like and not become any worse.

There are too many Hunters. How do I distinguish myself?

Become really good at a certain aspect of the class. Go marksmanship and get a really high amount of ap to get really high damage. Or go survival and get a really high amount of agility (800+) giving you high amount of damage and a crit % over 30% giving you a high amount of damage. Being top of most of the damage meters in instances and raids will start to get you recognized.

Another way is to become well known by the skillful aspects of the game, exploring group content and starting to solo group quests and using different ranges of CC to show a sign of skill. This is how i am well known and i believe it is the best, known for your skill to play instead of your gear and damage. I started to get known by soloing many 5 man quests, kiting rares that would need many players to down and using many different ways of CC in instances and raids helping the group as well as unleashing high damage. It’s just a great way to show you are different to others.

Another way is to to try to be the first to do different things, such as there was a mage on my old server who became well known for being first to 70, first to get the nether drake mount and many other things.

Yet another way is to be the best at your professions. Get all the rare recipes and announce that you can craft them on the trade channel. You should start to get known as the main crafter of that trade and lots of people will remember you and pass you on to others who want something. This will gain you lots of money and reputation.

One of the last main ways is to become a guild master. Lots of people will look up to you, and if your guild starts to do well you will become really famous. Even if your just a raid leader or a really memorable officer or even just a member and people will remember you. Just have fun, show your personality and always try to be friendly and meet people and people will recognize you in the future.

The tank keeps pulling. I thought Hunters were a pulling class?

Yes hunters can pull but it is seen safer in most cases for the tank to do so. Warriors pulling is indeed not as good and less accurate sometimes pulling more than what could have been achieved but at least when this happens everything will attack the warrior. When a hunter pulls he is most likely to pull the least number of mobs possible (you can’t just pull one as mobs are always chained meaning they will be in groups of 3 or 4 and attacking one will bring the rest into combat) but all in the group will come and attack you resulting in a quick death. So of course you will feign death but this means they will all spread out onto other members of the group, mainly the healers who will die very quickly.

Therefore the tank pulling means all aggro will be on him and you can pick ones off him to CC instead of trying to do this while everyone is being attacked and the tank is running around to pick up everything.

This is why warriors are good at picking up the large groups and hunters are best at picking up single mobs or a patrol or boss. Later on in the game you will gain misdirect which lets the hunter give all the aggro to the tank for 3 shots, so letting the hunter pull most of the time if necessary.

Are hunters good for end game?

Well every class is good for end game otherwise they wouldn’t have made the class. Hunters are sometimes seen as the least needed of all classes for raids and mages and warlocks are preferred. Then lots of people feel you need 1 hunter in a raid to make it complete and will struggle without one. In any case for 10 man raids don’t expect there to be another in the raids, and for 25 mans there will normally be 2 in the group and sometimes 3.

So it may not be a preferred class but if you can make yourself stand out from the rest you are looking at making most raids and not ending up having any competition for items.

Are hunters easy to play?

I have tried out most classes and i will say no, they are most likely the hardest to play. This is due to the dead zone. Being beast mastery while leveling and farming however is the easiest thing in the world and requires no skill. Being marksmanship or survival while farming can be easier than other classes but in a lot o ways harder, especially in pvp things get a lot harder and raids things can get very complicated, but with the feign death skill can seem pretty easy letting you lose all aggro and get out of combat in the middle of a fight. I think as beast mastery you are looking at an easy class to play, marksmanship, a medium class in difficulty to play and playing survival is a very hard class to play, yet very enjoyable.


~ by Arty on August 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Basics: 2. FAQ”

  1. Maybe fix a statement about dead zone, since it doesnt exist anymore. Great guides btw 🙂

  2. How were you able to solo 5 man group quests?

  3. well obviously you can’t solo them all, othersise why not solo an instance 😛 but i’d say i’ve soloed a lot of group quests thats others havn’t been able to. Mainly it depends on, can you kite it. If yes then you can solo easy, if not can your pet hold it long enough. If both of these are a no then it’s not likily you can. However in most cases if i havn’t been able to solo a quest, 2 is normally enough. (Healer pref, pet=tank, healer=heals pet, you dps)

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