Talents: 2. My Talent Trees

OK this is a list of trees made by me. They are mainly survival and markmanship. If you are looking for beast mastery talent specs then you will have to look at the section showing others trees.

Survival General – This is basicly for leveling up, being very good in raids as well as pvp. It’s really an all rounder and a personal favorite of mine! If you are not too keen on having a pet out then i would swap the two points on go for the throat for two points on imp concusive shot.

Survival PvP – A more trap/slow version of the general. Not so good in raids but very nice for pvp making CC easier.

Survival Raid – Nice for damage output, mana conservation and helps traping and melee damage slightly for when needed.

Markmanship General – A talent tree i used a lot and found very helpful and extremely good. I changed putting points in imp barrage for putting them in imp wing clip as it makes life a lot easier!

Main Markmanship Raid – This is variation of the general adding points onto mark and talents that will help out as a main hunter in a raiding guild. Only one hunter needs to spec this way for the imp mark as it is a waste for others to have it.

Second Markmanship Raid – A little different from the main raider with a few points spent in other places. No wasted points on imp mark!

Markmanship PvP – No wasted points on general points, this is pure pvp for the markmanship hunter!

Cross specs – I personally do not agree with them, i feel that not going right up to the last skill is a bit of a waste. However a few people do this so i have put together some what i believe to be some pretty helpful specs.

Cross general – Including scatter, TSA, +15% agi, +10 total health, giving nice damag, fair crowd control and a few extra tricks!

Cross Raid – Only suggested if you already have a full survival, beast mastery and markmanship hunter already raiding. This is a funny spec kind of mixing them together, but still keeping mana regen and fairly high damage.

Cross PvP – If your not a fan of readiness and want to go full pvp your love this! You have sleep, scatter, counterstrike, deterrence, entrapment, clever traps, imp wing clip, imp concussive shot as well as different types of skills to avoid damage, extra health and agility and a point on exposed weakness to top! If readiness was included there would be no stopping you in pvp!



~ by Arty on September 16, 2007.

5 Responses to “Talents: 2. My Talent Trees”

  1. You seem to know a lot about the marksmen tree and i am very interested in learning about it also. so if you could help me out a bit that would be great.

  2. if you just email me with what help you want i can do my best, i do one on one help over email rather comments =)

  3. ill pwn all lol nice advice for the talents ^_^ _\/_ peace

  4. is survival any good for leveling from 63-70

  5. Hi I have a level 70 hunter. I am almost fully specd in MM with thick skin and attack power in BM. I have added Savage Strikes from Survivalbility. I would like to have a hunter which still packs a punch but can take a bit more damage when unavoided. What are your suggestions? Lastly I have silencing shot and true shot aura. Is Wyvern Sting worth losing my others? Thanks.

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