Talents: 1. ‘Regular’ Specs

All these are not of my design, many i strongly disagree with but if you want to be another regular player then here you are.










I have looked all over the internet and the survival tree is not taken seriously at all! There simply is not a general/leveling survival tree out there. There just doesn’t seem to be that many survival hunters that talk about their class and really know what they’re doing around on the internet so i guess i’m pretty much the main sorce on the survival side of things. Anyway i found..







~ by Arty on September 16, 2007.

5 Responses to “Talents: 1. ‘Regular’ Specs”

  1. U have forget the 31/30 hybrid spec, in my opinion the better to do big dps in PvE.

    Quantas – LvL 70 NE Hunter on Crushridge

  2. My main is a Survival Hunter of Silver Hand Server, named Muirse. Hit him on the armory; It’s not a stellar build for DPS, but it doens’t do too badly since it is backed by the overly vaunted Marksmenship Tree.

    I dumped an almost insane amount of points into Survival (45) to make sure I got the wonderful Thrill of the Hunt and Expose Weakness talents, alongside of the gorgeous Master Tactician. Overall, my hunter, unbuffed, and with Master Tac proccing, has a 35% change to critically hit for six seconds, 25% without Master Tac on. I dunno about you, but I can’t name any Marksmenship Hunters who dish out that kinda fun.

    Then you get into Expose Weakness, which is by far a superior raid boosting power than the Trueshot Aura of the Marksmenship Hunter. Lets run some numbers down quickly.

    Expose Weakness gives a wonderful AP bonus to all melee and ranged attackers against the target it is applied to, based off of 25% of the Hunter who procced this debuff on his target. So, with my hunter, who currently holds 551 Agility, which gives EVERYONE in the raid a 137.75 AP bonus on the target. Compare that to the Trueshot Aura, which only gives 125. Something to think about.

    Couple it with a meager 16 points in Marksmenship, just to get some more ranged crit, efficiency, and Improved Hunter’s Mark (More AP for all melee and Ranged DPSers. YAY!), and for the lovely Aimed Shot, and you have yourself a happy little pain train who doesn’t get hit too often by those mean 30yd Auras that the Outlands bosses love so much.

    The rest of the points in Survival I dedicated to locking the enemy in their path; anything to improve traps, improved wing clip, anything at all that helped stop them, or helped me aid my raid party was a valuable talent point to spend. What did it come down to? It means my traps cool down before they break, so I never have an unlocked foe.

    Mm Mm Good.


  3. thanks for the comment, will look into it more when writing up the full guide but do like the sound of it!

  4. >All these are not of my design, many i strongly disagree with …

    I’ll say. I’ve been speccing all flavors of BM/MM/Sur and hybrids, and I’m aghast at some of these talent choices.

    But I can see why you’d post them. Noob hunters who don’t read the fine print ftw

  5. I have been raiding as a hunter since about the beginning of MC and have taken all three specs at various different times. my current spec and the one that I stick with now, is 7/21/33 which is a hybrid to say the least.

    here is the build, it is the best surv hunter raiding build i have found and i have tried a lot to make it as good as it can get.


    I carry 849 agility unbuffed, and in full raid buffs include leader of the pack, I have 1052 agility (more with grace of air totem) and 43.05% to crit.

    look me up on wowarmory.com or come to mannoroth if you got some questions on the Survival Tree


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