Whats going on?!

Ok well people can see that i have updated the site for a long time now. I’d thought i’d give you the reasons why and what i’ve been doing.

Firstly i’ve hada lot of work to do recently, so havn’t had time to work on this much.

Also i’ve been raiding.. ALOT. I’m about the same geared with my hunter as i have been for many months, but my druid is alomost all epic. Thats right, i’ve been playing a resto druid! It really is a nice change after 2 years of my hunter.

Lastly i’ve been working on alts, i’d made a bet that i could get every other class save druid and hunter to lvl 20 before christmas. I’ve done this with a few including a 35 shamy, 22 ply and 22 warrior, and now under 20 levels until i’m done and with the christmas holidays i should do that.

So what am i up to now?

I have big plans!

I’m going to be working on my own website soon that will contain loads of info on WoW.

My hunterguide will be fully reworked into a great new guide, a lot more reliable and a lot more up to date. This will be started after i’ve created the website.

Also recently i’ve been working on a guild management guide which i’m sure will blow peoples minds away it’s that good! 😉

Anyway thank you people who have been waiting eagily for updates, over christmas i hope that you will see my website up, this updated as well as a new version on my website, as well as much more.

Oh and keep an eye out for more videos to come too, i’ve just recieved about 1000 pounds worth of equipment such as adeobe priemire pro and affter affects so if i get it set up right you’ll not only see more videos, but ones of much higher quality.

Best of luck hunters



~ by Arty on December 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “Whats going on?!”

  1. Hey, good to see that this site will get a few updates. I’ve just started playing WoW actually and guess what I’m a hunter. I looked at that kiting video which helped me alot since I come across the term everywhere but didn’t know the definition.

    Hopefully to improve my game you will hurry up with those guides 😛 and you could throw in some druid guides as well seems like and intresting class Good luck to you

  2. This site is an awesome safe haven for hunters. It is great to see/read other people’s opinions on how to play hunters, their hunters specs, the pets, how they pvp, how they arena, everything….

    Gotta love a good hunter.

  3. Ye hunters ftw!!!!!!FTW!!!

  4. jus found this site…top job man, its gona help me big time

  5. Just found this site, and already bookmarked it. I just rerolled a Hunter on Medivh US PVE, and I am basically brand new to the class so this site can help me learn about the class and how to play and control it.

    Thanks alot!

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