Group Play Role

Group Play Role


What are you expected to do while in a five-man group? What is your role in an instance? This is important for you to know in order for a quick, easy run.

Examples of Roles


In no way are you expected to heal other players. This is because you have no spells to do so. However you are expected to look after your pet. You can heal your pet using the spell Mend Pet. This is because in most situations the healer will most likely have their hands full enough, without having to worry about your pet.


You will never be expected to tank in a group. However, in some situations, you may be required to use your pet as an off tank. This will only have to be done if you face a group too large for your tank and your total group crowd control to deal with. Although not greatly effective, with some heals, it can buy your group time to kill the first target, allowing the tank to pick up your pets target.

Single Target Damage

This is the Hunters primary role. Stick to a target and get it down as fast as possible. Hunters are about the top class to fit this role and can do it extremely well. Your target will generally be marked as the first to kill and will be in control of your tank. Your main aim in an instance is to make that target drop quickly without taking aggro off your tank.

AOE Damage

Hunters are fairly weak at this and are generally not expected to deal with large groups. If you are asked to help with groups, you will generally have to pick off a target at a time.

Crowd Control

Hunters are known for their trapping ability. You will be expected to have one target trapped, for the first minute or two of the fight, if taking on a group. You also have the ability, although generally not expected to, to take any targets off the healer, if they are being attacked, then try helping the tank regain them.


Hunters are the best class to pull tricky groups. Tanks will pull most groups as it makes their lives easier gaining threat as well as generally being quicker. However Hunters can pull the groups that the tank can’t without risk. Once you gain the spell misdirect, any pull, which isn’t particularly easy, will be your job. This is because, with the spell, you can gain the tank a large amount of threat very quickly.


In conclusion, the Hunter’s main role in a group is to kill the main target as quickly as possible, keep one target trapped for the fight and pulling when asked. Although you may be asked to help out in other ways that won’t be your main role, you should have the ability to do them.


~ by Arty on July 20, 2008.

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