Melee Orientation

Melee Orientation

Hunters do not effectively use melee for damage. It is mainly a used to escape a foe, or to finish them off.

The Hunter only has a few melee abilities to rely on. Raptor Strike and Mongoose Bite allows the Hunter to deal damage to their opponent quickly, whereas Wing Clip slows your target, allowing a speedy escape. A final melee ability, Counterattack, can be obtained via talent points, allowing you to immobilise your target completely.

Having mail armour only makes you a bit tougher when in close combat. It does not make you good at it. Use it to its advantage by keeping out of melee distance as much as possible and keep your health high!

Hunters also have the choice of many types of weapons. However, weapons are mainly stat based items. High damage on weapons can be ok, as getting a larger hit on a target while escaping can always come in handy.

In conclusion, there are a lot of things pointing towards hunters being a decent melee class. However in realistic terms they really aren’t. Melee is far more of a survival technique, unlike for rogues where it is means of pure damage.


~ by Arty on July 20, 2008.

One Response to “Melee Orientation”

  1. Hunters have 4 melee attacks, if speced for it. Raptor Strike is the main damage attack.
    Mongoose Bite used to be only useable after you dodge, now it has been changed so you can use it every 5 sec no matter whether you dodge or not. Mongoose Bite can be learned by every hunter and does AP * 0.2 + 280 damage at rank 6.
    Wind Clip used to do some gamage but it also has been changed, so now it is only giving a 50% speed decrease to the target. Counterattack is a talent from the Survival tree. It is only used after you parry an attack. It does [AP * 0.2 + 342] damage and immobilizes the target for 5 sec.

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