Playing Without a Pet

Playing Without a Pet

Is playing without a pet possible? Yes of course it is. Does it make life more difficult? Again, yes, of course of does.

During solo play they are pretty important. They will keep your target at distance while you kill them. They will also do a fair amount of damage while they are at it. So during solo play, they are there just to make your life easier. You can play without them, but it means a lot of running back and forth, using a lot more mana and wasting time.

In group play, admittedly they are not generally used. Players are not fond towards pets. They don’t want them pulling groups by mistake or moving in somewhere they shouldn’t be. However they can come in handy. They can be used as an off tank to try and save that healer who has drawn aggro, or just to give your tank, who’s already got a handful, a little bit of a break for a while. It’s also simply a boost for your group damage. Remember, you must always be careful with your pet while in a group.

For PvP they can come in very handy. Their normal attack can delay long casts extremely well. Also that little extra damage can count between you dying, or your opponent dying.

In conclusion, yes you can play without a pet. But why would you want to? Having a pet just means you are stronger and fights will be much easier. It also gives you a huge amount more variety to your play style.


~ by Arty on July 20, 2008.

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