PvP Play Experience

PvP Play Experience


PvP gives a completely different side to the game. Instead of fighting NPC’s you are fighting other players, using different classes with different gear levels. How does the Hunter stack up in fights of all classes?

Examples of Play

Duels: One on One matches. Used to compare you skill to others as well as to make up your own tactics for different classes. A good practice for arenas.


Can adapt easily to different classes.

Have skills to hinder melee.

Have skills to hinder casters.

Has high burst damage to get a target down quickly.

Has various method of crowd control to buy time.

Has the use of a pet to annoy the target.


Is weak while in melee.

Cannot heal.

Cannot kite casters.

Hard to kite melee if you are their primary target.

Hunters are not great at duels. As with every class, there are those who you will find easy and those who you will find hard. In most cases melee can be a real problem if you are unable to get distance from them. Casters are generally the easier classes as long as you hit them harder than they hit you. As a hunter you should win around half of your duels if you are evenly geared to your opponents.

Arena: Whether you’re in a group of two, three or five arenas are an important part of PvP to gain yourself the best gear. This is the real peak of PvP.


Burst damage to kill targets unexpectedly.

Different stings to vastly weaken different opponents.

Pets to distract players.

Fairly high survivability.

Can continue high damage for long lengths of time if needed.


Dead zone can be a problem.

Weak when stuck in melee.

Line of sight can really be a problem.

Hunters are not the best class for arenas. The landscape of the arena generally gives hunters a hard time to maximise their damage. It is also fairly easy for your target to jump within your dead zone to avoid your damage for a few seconds. However, if you can cause very high damage over short periods you have a good chance. Your best bet will to have a decent healer in your team to keep you alive. The other option would be to have a class with very high burst damage in the group, to try and kill your first target before they even know what’s happening.

Battlegrounds and World PvP: These contain many more opponents to fight at once as well as a larger variety of classes. It is the biggest and most used part of PvP.


Keeping at distance means long time survival.

Damage output can be extremely high if kept out of melee.

Can use burst damage to take down healers quickly.

Has the use of different types of CC.

A pet can be used for different uses.


Can’t heal.

Weak against melee attacks.

This shows Hunters in their prime. Without the need to go into melee Hunters can keep at the back, let everyone else get nuked while unleashing as much damage as possible. With various forms of crowd control to escape combat if needed the Hunter should spend the most time alive and deal the most damage with ease.


In Conclusion, the more people fighting at once, the better the Hunter will do. Although the Hunter has many forms of escape, you cannot hold back a target forever. Pairing with a healer will make the Hunters life a lot easier allowing you to withstand most melee onslaughts. Hunters have the ability to deal the most damage but it all depends on how much of the time is spent at range.


~ by Arty on July 20, 2008.

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