Raid Play Role

Raid Play Role


Raids are different to normal group play. Due to there being a larger amount of players, your role becomes much more focused.

Examples of Roles


You will be expected to heal yourself though any means, such as bandages and potions, if needed. You will also have fully responsibility of your pets health.


You will never be expected to tank in any way in a raid. Your pet will only be used for damage.

Single Target Damage

The Hunter’s primary role. For trash groups you’ll work your way through each target individually. When it comes to boss fights, expect to have the boss targeted the entire fight. The boss will almost always be your primary target as a Hunter, being your job to get it down as fast as you can.

AOE Damage

Groups are treated the same way no matter what size the raid or group. Due to Hunters having weak AoE, each target is taken separately.

Crowd Control

Hunters will rarely trap in raids unless faced with big groups. Crowd control is generally left to other classes, such as mages, since their methods are generally safer than that of a Hunter. You won’t be expected to help other classes with aggro, since there should be an off tank to deal with that.


Hunters remain the top class for major pulls and will have to be confident in doing so. Although you won’t be pulling all the time, you will be in charge of the most important pulls, so make sure that you’ve practiced.


In conclusion, the Hunter’s main role in a raid is to kill their assigned target as quickly as they can. They are also in charge of major pulls and can do a bit of trapping on the side where needed.


~ by Arty on July 20, 2008.

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