Ranged Orientation

Ranged Orientation

The largest amount of the Hunters damage is done at range. This means that the further away the hunter is from his target the better.

To cause damage from range, a bow, crossbow, or gun is used. A large quantity of your spells and abilities will give your shots with these weapons different effects. Some to damage your opponent more, some to slow them down and others to hinder then in different ways. Mana is used to cast these abilities.

Your pet should be your main aid in keeping range between yourself and your target while soloing. It can hold your target steady as long as you don’t do burst damage. It can take on as many targets as you like, as long as you can heal it fast enough to keep it alive!

In conclusion, the hunter classed is based around damaging from distance, as well as keeping that distance constant. You should be prepared to spend most of your time shooting at distance with your faithful bow or gun.


~ by Arty on July 20, 2008.

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