Solo Play Experience

Solo Play Experience


What is it like playing a hunter while you’re alone? This is an important question since most of the time you spend levelling up, as well as end game, will be spent alone. But what is there to be done alone?

Examples of Play

Quests: This will take up the largest part of the game. You will quest to level your character. Even once you are the top level, you will carry on questing for gold, as well as to get further through the game.

Farming: This is very similar to questing, but killing enemies for selected drops rather than quest drops. Farming you will be done end game to save your gold. However it is sometime done early on, normally to level a trade skill or to make a small amount of gold.


Can keep at distance meaning health stays high.

Can adapt to different types of targets, cancelling out their “special” abilities.

Feign Death saves many deaths, meaning much less time spent running back to your corpse.

Has a low amount of down time compared to other classes.

Has the ability to crowd control, making quests to kill groups far easier.

Has the ability to kite, making targets impossible for other classes to kill, possible.


If not careful, can cause huge downtime due to excess mana use.

If not careful, can cause huge downtime due to pet death.

Is weak in melee, so problems can occur if trapped to close to target.

In Conclusion, Hunters are seen as the top class for questing and for farming. This is due to being able to handle almost anything that is given to them, escape from anything that they can’t handle and go through the game hardly having to rest.

Gathering: If you’re a miner, skinner or herbalist this is pretty important. How fast and easy is it to gather the materials you want.

Travelling: Between all these parts of play, a lot of time will be spent travelling. How quick and easy is it to travel as a hunter?


Aspect of the Cheetah allows fast travelling on foot.

Feign Death can be used if large groups are chasing you.

Can crowd control while gathering.

Pets can be used as an aid to a get away.


Aspect of the Cheetah can slow you down if attacked.

In Conclusion, Hunters excel at escape and delay. Although they cannot travel as fast as other classes they are not far behind. Gathering can be done quite simply. Crowd control anything targeting you with the use of a trap or your pet while you gather the selected object. From here, you even have the option to run away and feign death.


So finally, Hunters are known to be the top class for solo play. Warlocks are a close rival, but can be much harder to play than a Hunter. Rogues are a close third, but lack that little bit extra to put them up with Hunters and Warlocks. All gold farmers are Hunters and this is why. They are the best class to level and farm quickly, effectively and easily.


~ by Arty on July 20, 2008.

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