The Basics on Stats

The Basics on Stats


These five stats are the key makeup of how well different classes perform. However, not every class needs all of these stats and some are more important than others.


Strength is the least useful of all of these five stats to the Hunter. Strength simple adds to Melee Attack Power, increasing melee damage. As a Hunter, dealing more damage in melee is no real benefit since you want to stay at range, where you can deal the most damage.


Agility is by far the most important stat of the five to the Hunter. It contributes to four other attributes, all of which are of use in some way to the Hunter.

Firstly, it increases the Hunters Ranged Attack Power. This helps the Hunter deal larger base damage with his ranged weapon. A great boost.

Secondly, it increases the Hunters Critical Strike Rating. Having a higher chance to gain a critical strike will help you boost your damage output greatly.

Thirdly it increases your Dodge Rating and lastly it increases your Armour. Although these aren’t greatly helpful in most situations they can greatly help in PvP against melee attacks.


Stamina increases your total health. Although it may seem that Stamina wouldn’t be greatly important to the Hunter, due to keeping at range, it is in more way than one. In certain fights, such as PvP and different boss fights, you will need more health to avoid death from unpreventable damage. Secondarily, it will increase your pet’s health as stats are shared though into it. If your pet has higher health, then it can prove a more successful tank.


The main gain from Intellect for the Hunter is the gain in mana. Having a higher mana pool allows you to use your spells and abilities for longer. This helps you to keep up high damage for long fights and also makes down time while farming less frequent.

Intellect increases Spell Critical Strike Rating which is useless to a Hunter, using Ranged Critical Strike Rating, and also allows faster levelling speed with weapons. This is also not particularly helpful, as the difference is very little.


Spirit grants health and mana regeneration. It regenerates both by an amount depending on the Hunters Spirit total every two seconds. However whenever a spell or ability is cast, regeneration is delayed by five seconds. Because of this, Spirit is not much good later on in game because group encounters tend to take large amounts of time, not giving a chance for your Spirit to regenerate. However while levelling; it is a handy stat to have as it helps recharge your health and mana between fights, lowering your downtime.


As a Hunter, out of a choice of these five stats, Agility is by far the most important. Next, Stamina and Intellect come joint second. Stamina is more for PvP and Intellect is more for Solo play yet both are important. Spirit is a helpful stat to level with but not needed later on in game. Strength is at no point any help to the Hunter.


~ by Arty on July 20, 2008.

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