The Role of a Hunter

The Role of a Hunter

The key roles of the hunter class are:

· To Deal Damage at Range

· Light Crowd Control when needed

· Have the Ability to Adapt

· Have the Ability to Survive

The Hunter Class has the potential to deal as much damage as any other class in the game. However, unlike any other class in the game, their damaging abilities are most effective when at range. To help with this problem, hunters gain loyal pets. These pets help to keep the target away, as well as having other uses.

The Hunter is known for having several ways of keeping his target occupied. These range from kiting, to freezing it with a trap. From holding it still with a pet, to putting it to sleep. From immobilizing it with a well placed wing clip, to even making it run in fear. Although these methods may not be the safest way, the sheer amount of ways to get the job done more than make up for the safety issues.

Hunters have a variety of aspects. These let you quickly adapt for an unexpected situation. Different pets can also be collected, to use in different situations when needed. Hunters have a variety of different sting shots. These can be used on targets to cause different affects. Choosing the correct sting can make a huge difference.

Hunters have a variety of Abilities to prevent their deaths. Loaded with many talents to slow down or stop their target in their tracks, hunters also have a special ability called Feign Death. This causes nearby enemies to believe the hunter dead and lose interest in the process. Hunters can also track what lies around them, to try and keep out of trouble when it is unwanted.

The Hunter is generally known as the farming class. This is because all of the Hunters’ talents make solo play the easiest, quickest and most efficient of any class. The hunter is seen as a crowd control in small groups, but generally in larger groups is used purely for damage.


~ by Arty on July 20, 2008.

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