About Kiting

About Kiting


Kiting is all about survival and wearing down your target. You can use kiting while in PvP, instances and against elite mobs or those fights that you otherwise wouldn’t survive. The main idea of kiting is to keep your distance and to slow your target while slowly nuking it down.

Solo Play

While in solo play you will generally use kiting against elites and even enemies designed for groups. Enemies will usually reset after travelling a certain distance from their starting area, causing them to run back and restore full health. This means that you need to hold a high amount of aggro to keep it chasing you, even after this distance. Keeping it slowed also gives you more of a chance to deal higher amounts of damage, quicker.

First off, you want to put Aspect of the Cheetah on to help give you distance between yourself and your target. You then want to open with a hard hitting shot, such as Aimed Shot.

Next comes the tricky bit. Firing at your target while running, leading it away, keeping your distance. There are two ways of doing this. The first way is strafing, otherwise known as running sideways. Fortunately, you can still fire while your target is 90° to your side. However, this is not the best way since it is very hard to see where you’re going.

The best way is to learn a special kind of twist. You start of facing the direction you are running. Then, you jump and turn to face your target while still in the air and take your shot. After that, you turn back the way you were facing to start while still in the air and keep running once you hit the ground. This can be tricky, but gets easier with practice.

While kiting you want to keep a DoT on your target to help keep aggro and stop it resetting. Serpent Sting is the best choice and should be reapplied every time it’s about to run out, as over the long period of time it will cause the highest percentage of you overall damage. In between applying the sting, you need to fire instant casts to deal damage and to cause high amounts of threat. Arcane Shot is generally the best choice for this. Distracting shot is an alternative as it causes similar threat but uses less mana. However, remember that it will not cause the same amount of damage. If you have time to stand still for a second, you can also fit in an Auto-Shot or even a Multi-Shot.

If aggro is not held on your target, then it will evade and fully reset it’s self. This is why you need to keep your DoT up and use your instant cast every 10 – 12 seconds. Also keep in mind that dropping down so far off an edge can cause your target to evade, so keep drops small.

You can also throw in other forms of crowd control to help gain more distance, or buy you some time to unleash a large amount of damage. For example, place a Freezing Trap then fire an Aimed Shot, or just place a Frost Trap if your targets getting too close.

Sometimes you might need a helping hand killing your target. Some you won’t be able to kill without running out of mana first, for instance. For these, you will need to work out a route to a nearby friendly town. As soon as your target enters the town, the guards will rush to your aid speeding up the time it takes to bring it down. As long as you can keep your distance and keep your sting applied, you’ll be fine.

Learning this technique is important. It allows you to solo many group quests and makes it much easier to survive. It is also a very helpful skill to perfect, since it will come in handy in other situations.

Group Play

During some boss fights, some adds may require kiting, to give your group some time, and sometimes even the boss may require a small amount of kiting. However the technique is normally needed most during trash fights. During a lot of trash fights someone’s crowd control ability is bound to go wrong and it’s usually up to you to kite it away, if they can’t get hold of it again, for the benefit of your group.

You won’t have so much room here so you’ll need to rely more on slowing effects, except against bosses. If you aren’t already CC’ing your own target, pull it and drop a Freezing Trap. If you are, then you’ll need to keep one trapped and kite the other the best you can.

Whack on Aspect of the Cheetah and lead your new target away from your party, back towards the instances start. You’ll need to save your traps for your main target, so slow it down any other ways you can while dealing as much damage to it as you can. Your party should be ready for both your targets once you’ve reached the start of the instance, unless you are right near the start in which case do your best to kite your untrapped target around in circles, so simply warn your tank and Feign Death. They both will run back to your party where they can be picked up. You can easily pick up your primary target again and trap it if needed.

For boss fights it’s generally a lot easier. Bosses generally cannot be kited as they run too fast, but a few can. However, almost every boss is immune to all slowing effects making this simpler, yet harder. This just means a simple kite, usually best done in a circle as this allows your group nuke it down if required.

PvP Play

PvP kiting is much harder because you’re trying to kite another real player. They not only can make their own route to you, they also have abilities to make life much easier to getting close to you too.

Because of this, you will need to use all your abilities to slow down your target as well as having to increasing your damage output. The quicker you can kill them the less you have to kite them.

First off, Aspect of the Cheetah might not be the best choice of aspects because if you get hit in some way your target will easily catch up with you. Aspect of the Monkey can be good if your target is getting close to you frequently, but Aspect of the Hawk is normally a good choice to kill your target quicker.

Losing Aspect of the Cheetah slows you down, but there’s something else that will slow you down even further. Although some shots are instant cast, they require you to be stood still, feet firmly on the ground. Casting these abilities to deal extra damage requires a slight variation on the normal twist kiting manoeuvre. When you spin to face your target you need to land on the floor. From here, use one or two instant cast abilities along with an Auto Shot, taking about a second, then spin back the other way and continue running.

Because you’re losing so much speed, you need to slow down your target as much as you can. Either completely stop them in their tracks and use a long casting ability, causing a high amount of damage, or simply slow them down.

In conclusion for PvP kiting, don’t ever leave yourself vulnerable, use as many crowd control affects as you can and nuke, nuke, nuke!


All in all, kiting consists of speed, crowd control and damage. Kiting always uses the same basic technique but with variations. Each variation suits more towards one or two of the mentioned areas above.


~ by Arty on July 21, 2008.

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  1. I kept on reading this term, and I figured it was the opposite of tanking, but I had no idea what it was. Turns out I kited without knowing it. The guide helped me understand how to kite better. Thanks 😀

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