About Pulling

About Pulling


Pulling is used to attract a group or single target to the Hunter, or a selected player. It can also be used to draw aggro off one of your party members and even to pass aggro from yourself, or another, to someone else of your choice. It’s important to remember that pulling should not just used for its conventional use, but also to be used as a method of survival.

Solo Pull

Single target

This is the simplest of pulls. You keep at range and open with your selected shot. In solo play you may simply use your pet to pull, since you want it to be tanking your target. If you do pull yourself, you want to use a relatively low aggro shot to still let your pet tank for you.

You can start with a high hitting shot to kill your target quickly. This can be a bad idea however, as it can use a lot of mana, ruin your shot rotation and gain you a large amount of aggro.

The other main option is pulling with the starting shot of your basic shot rotation. This shouldn’t do too much damage, but will keep your aggro low making it easy for your pet to tank. Carry on with your basic shot rotation and you should still deal high amounts of damage.

Two targets

Killing two targets is similar to killing one. Your pet will tank one while you kill the other. Once your first target is dead you will move onto taking down your pet’s target.

First off is choosing your target. You want to kill the mob that will either deal the most damage or who will die the quickest. The other mob will be your tanks target.

You want to try and kill your target before it reaches you. This means killing your target quickly and using slowing effects, keeping your health high. Because of this, you want to start with a hard hitting shot, sending your pet onto its target just after firing your first shot, and then move into a burst damage shot rotation. Once your target is dead, your pet should have a firm hold on its target. Now simply move back to the single pull technique, use your basic shot rotation to kill your pet’s target.

Three targets

Pulling three targets is very similar to pulling two. Pull the same way as with two targets, but have a Freezing Trap placed first.

Your pet will have one mob occupied off to the side. Hopefully you can kill your main target before it reaches you. The third target will run straight to your feet and will get frozen buying you time.

Once your first target is dead, treat your frozen target the same way. Put some distance between you and your new target first, then nuke it down with your burst damage shot rotation. Lastly, kill your pets target with your basic shot rotation.


Pulling groups is fairly simple, yet very hard to pull off. Place down a Frost Trap between yourself and your targeted group. Then pull with a multiple target hitting shot. Now it comes down to killing each target as quickly as possible, while kiting them all back and forth across the Frost Trap, relaying it when needed.

Instance/Raid Pull

Pulling for the Tank

Small Group

For whatever situation, put misdirect up onto your tank. If you do not have misdirect, then only pull the mob marked as first to kill with a single low aggro shot, letting your tank pick up everything easily.

Once you have put up misdirect on your tank, you have two options. Attacking one target or a few.

The first option is giving your tank as much aggro on one single target as you can. You use this when every other mob is planned to be crowd controlled. To do this you generally start with a high aggro shot, then use two high damage shots. Not only will you gain a high amount of aggro for your tank, you will also cause a fair amount of damage to your target while you’re at it. After this, work your way into your selected shot rotation for the situation.

The other option is used for when your tank is planning to pick up more than one target, if not all of them. You open with a high aggro shot again, but then use a shot affecting multiple targets, drawing a higher amount of aggro from all the targets affected to the tank. Afterwards move into your selected shot rotation.

Large Group

Pulling a larger group for your tank is fairly simple task. First off, place a Frost Trap at the spot where your tank will be tanking. It is suggested the rest of the group stands a little way back from this. Now, pull with a single, high aggro shot. Once the group has reached the frost trap, use your multi target shots to give the tank higher aggro on as many mobs as you can. Then start up your selected shot rotation.

Picking aggro off the Healer

You need to be very quick at doing this because it will help your party survive many potential wipes. Even if your tank can’t pick up aggro, it’s better for you to take aggro rather than your healer.

First off, put misdirect up on your tank if possible. Then fire your quickest high aggro shots, in hope to get aggro off the healer as quickly as possible. Once your healer is safe, if your tank doesn’t gain aggro, crowd control it or kite it best you can.

Picking up lose Mobs

This is the same as picking aggro off your healer. Misdirect to the tank if possible, then fire your fastest, highest aggro shots. If your tank doesn’t gain aggro, crowd control it or kite it as well as you can.

PvP Pull

PvP pulls are all very similar. Use shots that will deal the most damage, but will also keep you at a safe distance. This means long cast abilities are generally not used. Remember, in PvP your target will be another real player so will not necessarily follow you.

It is important to use the right traps and stings, as well as your general shots when pulling. Each class requires a different choice of each. It is also important to check the area for other players. You don’t want to be gaining too much attention, or pulling when you already have other players around you.


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