About Trapping

About Trapping


Traps are a big part of play as a Hunter, yet they are generally forgotten about and unused. Although Freezing Trap is the best choice in most situations you mustn’t forget about your others.


Freezing Trap

Freezing Trap will hold targets frozen still. While the target is frozen they won’t be able to cast or even move. This is your best form of crowd control and will be needed in most instances. Freezing Trap should not be used for single target escape, except in PvP, as that is the job of Wing Clip. This trap is mostly for chain trapping, in a group or even in solo play.

Chain Trapping with Freezing Trap

The idea of Chain Trapping is to keep the same target frozen for long lengths of time without it breaking free. The following information is based on being in a group, but it applies to solo play too.

Select your target

The first point to consider when Chain Trapping is the type of target you are going to be trapping and what tactics you will need. Beasts are generally the easiest to trap, as if they break out unexpectedly you have the ability t fear it. Melee targets who deal large amounts of damage are generally the best choice when looking to trap. This is mainly because they are easy to lead to your trap, will stay trapped for a long length of time and will benefit the healer the most. Casters are much harder to trap as they keep at range and seem to stay trapped for far less time.

Pick your spot

Before you start you want to choose your area to trap within. It is generally best to keep your target trapped away from any other mobs and away from other players. You don’t want it to break out due to AoE affects of other players, or miss your target breaking out among everything else happening. It is also safer keeping distance between it and your healer. Because of this it’s best to stay right at the back of the group, but within range of your tanks target and your healer. You want to keep your target trapped at either corner, so make sure you have an easy route between them.

Place your trap early

Once you have your target you want to place your trap early. The trap has a 30 second cooldown but will stay placed for 1 minute. You can only have one non-active trap placed at a time. This means you want to have your trap placed and your cooldown finished by the time your target has been affected by the trap.

Pull your target

You want to have your target selected before your group pulls. As soon as the selected group has been pulled, you want to pull your target with your highest aggro shots. You want to be stood a few steps behind your trap by the time it reaches it, so your target becomes frozen before it reaches you.

Place your second trap

Now, you want to put a bit of distance between you and your frozen target. This will give you a few seconds to react if your target breaks free early. Place your trap here, away from your target, and stand at the opposite side of the trap to your target. This means your target will become frozen again before it gets in combat with you.

Rinse and repeat

From here just run back to where you started and repeat placing a trap. Every time your trap cooldown has finished, you need to place your trap down right away. Every time your target breaks free, try to get a shot or two on it to keep aggro. While your target is frozen, you should focus back on dealing as much damage on the groups’ prime target.

If your target breaks free and your cooldown is not ready

First off, don’t panic, it happens to the best. This is exactly why we left a gap between ourselves and the target. As soon as it has broken free, start kiting it back to where your party has come from. Because of the distance you left between you at the start, you should be able to do this quite easily. Keep kiting it until your cooldown has finished, then trap it as quickly as you can. If you know you cannot kite it, if you have misdirect, misdirect it onto your tank. If you still have aggro, Feign Death and it should run over for your tank to deal with. If you do not misdirect first, it is very likely that it will charge your healer. This is because your healer should be the only other player with aggro on it, as heals cause aggro as well. You must avoid this at all cost.

If your target loses aggro from you

You should be trying to avoid this by firing at your target between traps. However if you do lose aggro, it is your top priority to get it back. This is because it’s most likely going to kill your groups’ healer, if you don’t get it back. If you do lose aggro, cast your quickest firing, highest aggro shots. You don’t have time to cast long shots, since by the time you have cast them your healer will most likely be dead.

So in conclusion, when you are going to chain trap remember the following: Select Target, Select a Position, Place your Trap, Pull, Move, Replace Trap, Repeat.



Frost Trap

Frost Trap is an area of effect trap that slows down any enemy that walks within the area once it has been set off. This trap has several uses, some of which many people forget about.

Solo Play

For solo play Frost Trap is generally used for taking on larger groups. You simply place the trap in the centre of the selected area. From here, you kite all your enemies back and forth across the trap causing as much damage as you can. It can also be placed to escape large groups if you are waiting for Feign Death’s cooldown to finish.

Instance Play

While playing in groups, Frost Trap is used to keep enemy groups together. Before the pull, place the trap right where the tank will be tanking. When the group is pulled, the tank will find it easier keeping aggro on all his targets because any he loses aggro on won’t be able to get far, if spotted quickly, so will be easy to pick up. This allows the party to focus more on dealing high amounts of AoE damage without getting attacked and killed.

PvP Play

The trap is used in PvP similarly to how it is in solo play. It is used to slow down your target or targets for survival. You can use it to escape and avoid attack by placing it while running if your target is behind you. It can also be used against melee classes. Keeping your target in the trap by careful positioning yourself makes it very difficult for them to reach you. This means you can knock down their health without them being able to touch you.

So in conclusion this trap is generally best used against groups, but it’s also a top choice against a single melee target in PvP, rather than using a Freezing Trap.


Immolation Trap

This trap is focused primarily on killing a single target quicker. It deals a primary amount of damage and also deals more damage over time. While in solo play and instances, this trap is generally not used because it fails to deal enough damage to be worth the mana. However it is well worth using in PvP. If you find yourself within melee range of casters, its well worth placing just to kill them that little bit faster.


Explosive Trap

Although this traps primary use is to deal AoE damage, it is rarely used once Snake Trap has been learnt. This is because generally Snake Trap will cause more damage. However it can be used for another purpose within instances.

When facing large amounts of weaker enemies, the trap can be placed right in front of your healer. If there are lots of mobs, your tank will be unable to pick them all up. This means that your healer is most likely going to aggro any lose mobs that are not picked up by the tank. With your trap in front of the healer, you have a chance to aggro a few off the healer. This is important because your group is far more likely to survive if you are being attacked, rather than your healer. This is because you can deal with them far better and your healer won’t get their heals interrupted nearly as much.


Snake Trap

Snake Trap is the trap to use to deal damage to groups. It is also a great choice to use against casters. This is because each snakes bite knocks back any spell being cast a touch, making the spell take longer to cast. With so many snakes, all on one target, it makes it virtually impossible to cast a non instant spell to start with. They are a nuisance to healers as well. This is because they stack a poison DoT poison effect, causing a fair amount of damage and making it hard for the healer to dispel Hunter stings, that also are classed as poisons.


So, Freezing Trap is a top choice for keeping one target crowd controlled for lengths of time. Frost Trap is the best choice when having to crowd control groups. Immolation Trap is a good choice for taking down a target faster in PVP. Explosive Trap is good for damaging any mobs that enter a certain area and Snake Trap is the best trap for dealing damage to more than one target and slowing down casters spells.


~ by Arty on July 21, 2008.

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  1. The snakes from the Snake Trap apply poisons to the target which makes it harder for healers to purge away hunter stings that are classified as poisons too.

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