About Weapons & Armour

About Weapons & Armour


There are many different varieties of weapons that a Hunter can wield and use, as well as armour that can be equiped. For melee weapons there are two major categories, single-handed and two-handed. Hunters can wield two single-handers or one two hander. As for ranged weapons there is a choice between varieties of bows, guns and crossbows. The Hunter can equip leather armour and can upgrade up to mail at level 40.


Seeing as your main damage output is caused from range, your ranged weapon is extremely important. You have the choice between using a bow, a gun or a crossbow. There is no difference between each type, save the statistics they hold and the ammo used. If a bow and gun are used with the same stats they will deal the same damage.

There are three factors to look out for when choosing a ranged weapon: Speed, Damage and Base Stats.

Speed is important when choosing between two weapons which deal similar amounts of damage. The slower the weapon, the higher percentage of your Attack Power it will gain. This is because they fire less often than faster weapons. Having a slower weapon allows you to take a greater advantage from critical strikes, as well as abilities, including a few key abilities used by the Hunter, that add bonus damage on top of your base damage. Although the bonus damage will stay the same, if your base damage is higher then your overall shot damage will be higher. Faster speed weapons will fire more shots over time, but the overall damage will generally be a bit less than that of slower ones.

The range, between the minimum and maximum damage output, of the weapons damage is shown without the percentage of your Attack Power added on. The DPS is the easiest way to compare weapons, as it gives you the average of the figures mentioned above. Generally, if the weapon has a higher DPS than another, it will deal more damage no matter what the Speed.

Base stats aren’t as important for your ranged weapon. Having a weapon that can deal more damage is more important than one with good stats. This is because stats can be made up for, through all your other pieces of gear.

Ammo is needed to fire with these ranged weapons. Different ammos increase the weapons output by different amounts. You can also obtain special bags to hold your ammo. Generally, the larger the bag, the higher bonus attack speed you will gain from it.


Bows use arrows as ammo, and can be held in a quiver. Bows generally seem to have a faster speed and have high amounts of stats on them. Most bows are suited perfectly for a Hunter.


Guns use shot for ammo and carry this shot in an ammo pouch. Guns generally have a slower speed than bows but lack useful stats. You have to be careful with guns, as some are aimed more towards other classes such as warriors to boost stats rather than deal damage.


Crossbows use arrows and quivers just like the bow. However, although their firing speed does vary, it tends to be very slow. Slower even than most guns. They also tend to stack high on specific attributes, rather than stats, which normally benefit the Hunter.

Duel Wield

Duel Wield allows the Hunter to hold two one handed weapons. This is generally used to achieve a greater variety of base stats, as well as those achieved through enchants and oils. Duel wielding allows higher melee damage to be dealt over a larger amount of time not really aiding the Hunter. However having two weapons does allow melee abilities, such as Mongoose Bite, to proc more often.


Two-handers tend to have rather high amounts of certain stats. They are a top choice if you really just want to boost one or two stats. Two-handers are also much better damage-wise for Hunters. Seeing as a Hunter wants to keep out of melee as much as possible, one big punch is far better than two small hits. Two-handed weapons are generally the easiest and top choice for a Hunter.


Armour is used primarily for stats. That is a fact a lot of Hunters forget. This means that mail armour is not always the best option. Leather armour quite often holds more agility than mail does. Yet mail has other useful stats such as intellect and more stamina. It’s all about getting the right mix so you achieve the right stats. Remember, Hunters with points in different talent trees will be focusing on different stats.


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