Talent Builds

Talent Builds


Talents are used to customise your character to suit you. They enhance your game play in different areas of the game in many different styles. From new abilities to passive affects, talents are the best way to improve your character.

Hunters with different talent builds may require you to focus on different stats and attributes. Attributes effectiveness will also vary, depending on what style of game play you are focusing on. Because you can suit the same talent tree to fit in with many different styles of game play, there are three sub categories listed to try and suit the main types.

Some Hunters are asked to include certain talent points in their spec for the benefit of the guild. This is mainly for raids and sometimes instances. You will have to work those points around your desired build.

Beast Mastery

Beast Mastery Hunters tend to rely mostly on attributes that max out their base damage the most. Because of this Agility is the main stat to build up on. This is because it gives you attack power and critical strike rating. Attack Power is the main attribute to stack up on, giving the Hunter and his pet a higher base damage output.

It is generally best to have your Attack Power three times higher than your Agility. 100 Agility to 300 Attack Power for example.





Marksmanship Hunters tend to rely on burst damage in most situations and require attributes to help this. Attack Power is required to increase damage output and Critical Strike Rating is needed to turn that damage into burst damage.





Survival Hunters are highly dependant on their high levels of Agility. Critical Strike Rating is also a very important Attribute, but it’s total should be largely be based from Agility rather than the pure Critical Strike Rating Attribute.

General – Trap Dancer

General – Sniper

Instance/Raid – Trap Dancer

Instance/Raid – Sniper



Cross Builds are generally not a good idea, but can prevail over full talent builds in certain areas. They are generally based to get two key skills from each tree, which could not normally be gained. Agility and Attack Power are generally be safest areas to focus on.





~ by Arty on July 21, 2008.

24 Responses to “Talent Builds”

  1. very concise and well done…….WOOT!

  2. Nice place for me i will Favorit this site….

  3. Nice place for me.. Juas what i been looking for thanx..:)

  4. Thanks both! =) I put alot of time into these specs to maximise each for their selected situation. Hope you enjoy the rest of the site!

  5. This is exactly what I needed for 3.1 with the talent refunds, again. Which 2 specs work well together as duals, are Surv and BM too similar to work well as a pair or am I just imagining that? What do you thinks the best combo?

  6. Well it depends what you want from dual specs. You can have one for farming, one for raiding and instances or one of PvP. You could even choose two specs for the same thing if you want, just for that change in style.

    BM and SV are very different specs. BM you strongly rely on yoiur pet, where as SV you rely on your own abilities far more. MM falls somewhere in between. All three are nice trees and all quite different from each other.

    A BM and SV combo would be very nice. Personally i think i will be using the BM general build for farming and questing, along with the SV instance trap dancer spec for a nice change in raids.

  7. I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, but all I can see is the text and then this: , I can’t see any of the specs… 😦 Do you know how I can get to see them?

    • Mitzu i had the same problem as you when i viewed the site from college. I believe it to be caused because of web filters. I would either view it from another computer if you are able. If you can’t feel free to email me and i will email you the links myself.

      Email is pie_masters@hotmail.co.uk

  8. BM spec with no Animal Handler??!!

    • Animal Handler:

      *From behind (as when doing dungeons or raids): enemy has a 2.5% reduced chance to dodge your pet’s attacks.

      *From the front (as when soloing): enemy has a 2.5% reduced chance to dodge your pet’s attacks and a 2.5% reduced chance to parry.

      *In PvP your pet becomes immune to Crowd Control for 6 extra seconds per minute.

      It is a great talent, but depending on what your situation is others can be more beneficial.

      *For the General build, if your pet rarely dies take out the 2 points in Improved Revive Pet and put them into Animal Handler.

      *For Instance/Raid I have reviewed this talent and changed the spec to include it. To do this i took 3 points out of Focused Aim in the MM tree, put 2 into Animal Handler and 1 into Rapid killing. However, if your own hit is below the cap, keep those 3 points in Focused Aim.

      *For PvP if you find your pet is getting CC’d a lot then it is worth making room to put 2 points into Animal Handler. However it is very difficult to make room for it. You may also want to put 3 points into Focused Aim if you use Steady Shot a lot, but once again finding the avalible talent points without nerfing yourself too much is difficult.

      Thanks Fatpanda for the note. It made me consider my trees strongly and pushed me to change the Instance/Raid tree, which in my opinion is the most importantto get right! =)

  9. The links are good in firefox but not in explorer

    • You’re right thanks. I’ve hada few people email me about the problem and i couldn’t tell why. I’m not sure how I could fix this, quickly anyway, but at least now i know what to tell people thanks!!! =]

  10. Awesome, These are some great builds, and most put together site for hunter builds on the net period. for 3.1. Thank u much

  11. Your treatise of the Hunter Talent variants is great. But I find there’s a major flaw too. I was hoping to find an treatise on Pet Talents too. Since a considerable portion of a Hunter’s DPS is her pet. I would love to see Pet Talent sets proposed that will augment the Hunter’s set including which pet & why for various situations. One last thing, would it be possible for someone to put some numbers to the individual talents? And how they impact the hunter/pet. Some talents are OK for PvE but absolutely neccessary for PvP or Raiding/Instances. Thanks again for the information boys. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks a lot for the idea. I can’t believe i didn’t think of it. I will be posting pet talent builds straight away under each spec, listing the best pets for the job.

      As regarding talent rating, I will be working on those next, they are listed under the contents but just have not be done yet. (It seems like a big job so I left them till last hehe).

      • My LVL 80 hunter has low dps in herioc dungones. Im duel speced in bm and sv my hit rating is low 120 Im trying to gem and enhance to bring that up. If you could look up my specs in the armory (ppegleg – dentarg) and recomend a talent build that would be the best for my dps till I can get the gear upgrades I would really appreciate it. email is garyrmi@hotmail.com
        Thank You

  12. thx a bunch ;))

  13. soon i ‘ll be 80 ( now 76) and i go a lot in battlegrounds, i use BM and i have a devilsaur from ungoro but my damage is low…
    – now i’ve changed my scheme of talnents, 55 in beast mastery and the rest in MM hoping that my dps will grow ;))
    – which pets have big dps?
    thx for u’re advices

    • Hi,

      BM with a bit in MM is agreat way to improve your dps, whatever you do! =)

      As for pets this link may help in your decision:

      Generally, ferocity pets will deal the most damage, but cunning pets seem to be a great choice for PvP.

      Personally i would go for a chimaera but i’m not sure if others would agree. I’m not a very heavy pvp’er, so i don’t know as much as others do.

      Hope that helps =)

      Arty xxx

  14. […] General Trap Dancer […]

  15. Im lv 50 but i cant really decide on what talent build to use, i want one with high damage and DPS, i am trying the general survival build but im finding alot of other hunters are using an MM build, what do you recommend

  16. Also, i don’t see the need for some talents such as wyvern sting, scatter shot and noxious stings, i dont really use wyvern sting and scatter shot much and noxious stings isn’t really much of a help, and wouldn’t it be better to spend those points in hunting party and 1 more in expose weakness?

    • A lot of people don’t really level as survival because as you mentioned some of the main talent points in the tree arn’t very helpful until you get to a higher lvel or even end game. Beast mastery is known as the levevlling spec – I tried it from 70-80 and it put me right of hunters, it was so dull only pushing two buttons most of the time. MM is probally a better build for achieving higher dps, but survival is also pretty nice for that now – it really depends on your style. It could always be worth respecing MM and see how you find it and always change back if you prefer SV.

      Yes talents like noxious stings are purely PvP talents, and expose weakness is definately worth putting points into. In the SV tree there are a lot of talents that are very situational and can be skipped, even though they seem important. When building your talent tree while levelling, it’s worth just going through each talent and thinking ‘how helpful would that be to me’. So for instance if you frequently get mobs running up to you in melee range, scatter shot would be a very important talent point to have. If it never happens, then it’s not worth putting a point in until it’s needed. You could also use this for each tree and see which you think would benfit you more. Personally, I’m a fan of SV when i play! =D

  17. thanks heaps 🙂

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