Using Aspects and Tracking

Using Aspects and Tracking


Aspects are very important as a Hunter as it allows you to adapt to different situations. Tracking can also be helpful in certain situations, such as when looking out for a particular mob.


Aspect of the Beast

This aspect is solely for PvP. It stops other people being able to track you on their mini-map and increases your and your pet’s melee attack power. The increase in damage is not helpful unless only your pet is attacking and you are not. It could possibly be of benefit in PvP areas such as Warsong Gulch, when you are carrying the flag and don’t want to be seen.


Aspect of the Cheetah

This is a very helpful aspect for making travelling time on foot shorter and faster. It is also a great tool to help you when kiting a target as well as escaping when needed. Just make sure not to get hit as it will slow you down considerably.


Aspect of the Dragonhawk

This aspect simply merges Aspect of the Hawk and Aspect of the Monkey together into one. It takes the place of the two once it is obtained.


Aspect of the Hawk

This should be the most used aspect within instances. It really helps maximise your damage output. It’s also a top choice in PvP to kill your target that little bit quicker.


Aspect of the Monkey

Another good choice for PvP. It makes you that little bit harder to hit in melee, hopefully letting you survive in time to escape.


Aspect of the Pack

A helpful aspect while in a group, to allow your whole party to move with extra speed. It’s great for cutting down wipe time, getting the party back to the frontline quickly. It can also be helpful in PvP, such as running with the flag in WSG. Just make sure the flag bearer is not in combat, otherwise your slowing him down rather than speeding him up.


Aspect of the Viper

This is the top choice for solo play. It makes it far harder to run out of mana meaning less down time when farming. However, it’s not the best aspect to keep up in instances as it reduces your damage output. It’s best to used side by side with Aspect of the Hawk. When you run out of mana, switch to Viper, once it’s replenished switch back to Hawk.


Aspect of the Wild

Although not greatly helpful, it can be handy when fighting a certain kind of mob or boss that causes high amounts of nature damage.



You have many forms of tracking. Each will put a spot on your mini-map for any mob of that particular faction. As well as this, when you put your cursor over a spot, it will state the name of that mob. This can be helpful when trying to locate a particular mob.

Not all tracking just show spots on your mini-map. An example of this is Track Stealth. Unfortunately it does not show all stealthed enemies on your mini map. However, it will allow you to spot an enemy in stealth from a greater distance than normal. As a bonus, any stealthed enemies who stay visible to you will also appear on your mini-map.


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