Using Sting Shots

Using Sting Shots


Sting shots are important to the Hunter because they give the ability to debuff your target in different ways. Each is specially suited to a certain target and a certain situation.


Scorpid Sting

This is a great sting to use against melee classes, as well as bosses that cause high melee damage. It makes it harder for them to hit their target and if they do hit, their damage will be slightly reduced. This helps you in PvP and your tank in hard hitting boss fights. The other great thing about this stings debuff, is that it won’t break any form of crowd control.


Serpent Sting

The most basic sting shot the Hunter has. It simply deals damage over time. It can be added into your shot rotation, if it deals enough damage, or can be used for kiting. It is a good shot to keep aggro, but it will break most crowd control effects.


Viper Sting

This is the perfect sting to use against casters. It can drain large amounts of mana in a very short period of time. When in PvP, it’s important to keep this up as much as you can on healers or any other mana users. It’s not greatly important within instances because most mobs with mana have extremely large mana pools. However for certain fights it can be of use.


Wyvern Sting

This sting requires points to be spent in the Survival tree. It will put most targets to sleep, to buy you a little bit of time to fit in a long casting, high hitting shot. Once the target has broken out of the sleep affect, it will gain a damaging debuff, much like Serpent Sting does. It is great for PvP, but also a good backup method of crowd control in a dire situation.


~ by Arty on July 21, 2008.

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