Although level 1-10 is seen as the easiest ten to level, it is also the hardest. This is because until level 10, you must play without the most important part of your class, the pet.

Due to not having your pet and without any form of escape, you will be forced into melee. However, remember your ranged attacks are your strongest attacks so you want to keep at range as much as possible. But how can you do this? Well you will need to kite.

No racial abilities are taken into account in this guide. Each should be obvious when to use and how to use them.

At level 1, you start off without a pet and without any talent points. Both of these will come at level 10. You will also gain new abilities every even level you gain.


Level 1

Starting Abilities

Raptor Strike
Auto Shot


Start each fight by standing at maximum distance. Then fire your first Auto-Shot. At this point, you will need to start kiting, by running or strafing, your target until your next Auto-Shot is ready. You will then need to stop, let it fire and then continue to kite it away.

They key to this tactic is to stop moving as soon as Auto-Shot is ready to be fired again. Once you master this, your target should be long dead before it gets anywhere near you.

Getting past level 1 takes a fair amount of time. This is due to sorting out addons, getting your abilities set up, getting your interface correct and getting the hang of your abilities. You should complete level 1 in roughly 20 minutes.

Level 2 & 3

New Abilities

Track Beasts


The same tactic applies. You may have to kite for slightly longer than before but that should be no problem! Just watch out where you are kiting to.

Level 2 should take you 10 minutes to complete and level 3 should take 15 minutes.

Level 4 & 5

New Abilities

Aspect of the Monkey
Serpent Sting


Keep Aspect of the Monkey on at all times. When you pull your target, open with Serpent Sting and follow with Auto-Shots. Try to keep Serpent Sting applied for the majority of the fight, but only apply it once the effect has worn off. Once the target’s health is below 30% it is no longer worth using Serpent Sting. This is because your target will die before the full affect of the spell is used, wasting the mana used to cast it.

Serpent Sting is an instant cast, so it can be applied at any time and you do not need to stop moving to cast it. In case you pull two mobs, make sure to apply Serpent Sting to both of them.

Finishing Level 4 should take 15 minutes and level 5 should take 20 minutes.

Level 6 & 7

New Abilities

Arcane Shot
Hunters Mark


This is the stage where it gets that little bit harder.

Keep to the same tactics, but after you fire Serpent Sting, fire an Arcane Shot. Then kite using Auto-Shot as normal. If your target still has a high amount of health once your Arcane Shot is ready to fire again, feel free to use it.

Only use Hunters Mark on your target if you have over 40% of your mana. If you have less than this you will need to save your mana for the fight. You may have to start using water now and then to replenish your mana.

At this point it is also a good idea to pick up your professions. Level 6 should take 30 minutes and level 7 should take about 30 minutes as well.

Level 8 & 9

New Abilities

Concussive Shot
Raptor Strike Rank 2


This is the stage where you will really start to dig into your mana pool. The number of mobs needed to be killed increases for quests and each mob gets noticeably tougher.

Use the same tactics, but if a target gets too close to you , use your Concussive Shot to slow it down.

Level 8 will take around 45 minutes and level 9 will take 45 minutes as well.

Conclusion – Level 10

Congratulations. You have reached level 10! While have fun chatting with your guild, levelling gathering professions, dying a couple of times and generally just taking it slow and having fun you should have reached level 10 in around 4 hours!

However, because we all go afk now and then while playing, we’ll add an extra 10 minutes to every hour. So if you’ve reached level 10 in under 5 hours, then great job!



~ by Arty on August 23, 2008.

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