Starting Tips

Starting Tips


There are a lot of things to try and keep in mind while levelling that can save you huge amounts of time and make life much easier. However, trying to remember them all can be quite difficult, so the best idea is to keep a list of the key points. Below are possibly the key points to keep in mind as a Hunter.

Before and After Levelling

Once you have finished your levelling session, it’s generally best to log out in a major city. This is because you gain rested xp and you can stock up on any items you forgot to purchase in your previous session. Before your next levelling session, you want to have the following points ticked off, all items being the best type you can use:

Items and Gear

  • Enough ammo
  • Full gear durability
  • Emptied bags


  • 10 Mana potions
  • 10 Health potions
  • 20 Vendor food
  • 20 Vendor food for pet
  • 20 Created food that buffs
  • 40 Bandages
  • 40 Vendor water

Having this list fully complete, you should have everything you need for a standard levelling session without having to worry about running out of anything. These items should only fill up your main backpack (along with extras such as spare equipment and your hearthstone, as well as other items) and it should not overflow. This leaves you four empty bags to fill up with items you gain along your travels. Make sure you have the biggest bags you can buy for a reasonable price!

While Levelling

Always try to remember the following points while levelling, because they can help speed up the process by making each fight seem that little bit easier:

  • Keep your pet at maximum happiness, for more damage and faster fights.
  • Keep any buffs available up on yourself all the time, (spells, food, potions etc) for quicker fights and less down time.
  • Vendor and mail items when possible, to avoid having to drop valuable items.
  • Repair when possible, you may be glad you did later on.

Bank Character

As a Hunter, it is important that you have a character to post items to. This is because you have a large amount of your bag space taken up by arrows, meaning you will run out of room much faster than other classes.

Create a new character and position them in a major city. Whenever you get any items you wish to auction, simply post them to this character when you find yourself outside a post-box. This should help you keep room in your bags, because lost items are lost gold. When the items are sold you can simply mail back the gold to your Hunter.


Lastly, there are a few things that only have to be done once, but are well worth getting out of the way early.

  • Getting the Flight Paths that connect the major cities together.
  • Training how to use all the weapons you can.
  • Keep a good location for your Hearthstone.


These tips are basically just time savers. However, having these time savers makes your levelling sessions much more enjoyable and much less frustrating. Once you’ve got the basics sorted, everything else will seem that little bit easier!


~ by Arty on October 13, 2008.

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