About Professions

About Professions


Professions are a big part of the game, but do take up a large amount of time. However, if you’re not too picky about your Professions, you can make large amounts of gold. But if you try to level certain Professions too fast, you can spend a fortune and waste valuable levelling time.

Choosing Professions

While you are levelling, it is best to pick two gathering Professions. You then have the choice to store the materials you gain in your bank from one Profession, to use to level later, and sell others straight off, or to simply sell both lots and try and make your fortune.

The second option is the best one, as it makes your life much easier through the levelling stages. Always having enough gold for whatever you need is the best feeling in the world. However, you must make sure not to drop your prices to low and not to waste your gold.

The best two for making gold is Herbalism and Mining. They are the easiest to gather and tend to sell far better than leather does. The price to put up large amounts of leather is also quite a large downside, as is the fact that it’s materials are only really needed for one Profession whereas Herbalism is needed by two and Mining is needed by three.

Levelling Professions

Levelling Gathering Professions is quite simple. Just gather the materials whenever you see them on your mini-map. If it makes your travelling distance longer, then it’s still worth gathering. However, if it requires clearing out a few mobs then it is not. You don’t want gathering to take up too much of your time. Once you have gathered the materials, send them off to your bank character.

Levelling Crafting Professions is slightly more complicated. First off, you need to have a Gathering Profession alongside it, to make gold with or to stock the Profession. Similarly to above, you want to post all these materials to your bank character. Every 4-5 levels you gain, you want to look into levelling your Crafting Profession with the materials you have gathered.

If you try to level your Profession every time you find yourself in a major city, you’ll be tempted to buy materials you are just a few short of and will spend lots of time running to the Auction House, Trainers and Vendors each time. Levelling your Profession all at once however will stop you wasting gold on materials and save you the time and hassle of running between the Auction House and Trainers every time you enter a city.

You want to avoid buying any materials from the Auction House when levelling the Profession. It is very easy to do but it will very quickly drain your profits. If you do, make sure you sell materials that you’ve gathered for at least the cost of the items you’ve purchased, so you don’t lose any gold.

Try also to avoid making very expensive pieces. While levelling, items get replaced very quickly and it is not worth spending a fortune on something that will get replaced in a few levels.

Once you have finished levelling your Profession for the time being, post all the items that won’t be needed to your bank character to sell and put the rest in your bank, for the next time you plan to level your Profession up.

Making Gold

Whether you’ve chosen two Gathering Professions or just one with a Crafting Profession, you can still make gold off of them.

With two Gathering Professions, simply mail everything you gather to your bank character. Then you can either store the materials from one Profession for later, to level with and sell the rest, or ideally just sell everything you collect. You’ll have the gold to buy it all back once you’ve finished levelling and it might just be that little bit cheaper!

With a Crafting Profession, you can sell all your left over materials you’ve gathered to level the Profession once they are no longer needed, through your bank character. You can sell what items you create and don’t use via your bank character as well.

The important point is to sell everything via the Auction House and not to vendors. Almost every item you gather or create will be wanted by another player. However, you need to put your items up correctly.

Don’t flood the market. If you put up too many of the same items at once, not only will you drag the value of the items down, but it will also make players less keen to buy and make others keener to undercut you.

Keep a constant price. Don’t sell too low and don’t put items up so high that people won’t want to buy them. Find the average price and undercut it by 5% at the most. Never go lower than that. If there are no items of your kind at auction, feel free to go 10-15% higher than normal, but don’t get greedy otherwise you will lose customers.


To sum up, the best choice is to learn two Gathering Professions while levelling and sell everything you collect at the Auction House. If you do decide to pick a Crafting Profession, plan set periods to level it up, don’t spend too much on it and do your best to make as much gold as possible from it. All in all, don’t let your Professions slow down your time levelling!


~ by Arty on October 16, 2008.

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