Knowing what type of Stats and Attributes to look out for is just as important as having the right consumables. However, it is equally important to save your gold and not waste time farming for materials to craft gear. The desired equipment while levelling varies hugely to that of end game!


While levelling you want a mixture of different Stats.

Agility is fairly important, but nowhere near as much as it is end game. It will increase your damage output, making each fight that bit faster. However, it also adds to your Critical Strike Rating, which you don’t want too much of as it contributes largely to making you over aggroing your pet.

Intellect is also fairly important, but you don’t need to overload on it. The more mana you have, the less downtime there will be. However, you should not be draining your mana too fast with rapid fire shot rotations.

Spirit is an important Stat as it regenerates your health and mana in between fights. Although it is commonly overlooked, it is well worth stacking up on to reduce your downtime as much as possible.

Stamina is quite possibly the main Stat to collect while levelling. It makes your pet tougher, as well as yourself. Having more health will result in fewer deaths, saving yourself a lot of time from corpse runs.

All in all you want around the following percentage of each stat while levelling:

30% Stamina – Enough to survive unexpected attacks and bad pulls.

30% Spirit – As much as you can afford should be put into Spirit.

25% Agility – Not enough to over aggro your pet.

15% Intellect – Enough to rarely run out of mana with a sensible shot rotation.

Getting exact percentages is extremely hard, especially with Spirit being very hard to obtain on good Hunter pieces, but it’s a nice guideline to try and follow.


Attributes are not as important as Stats while levelling. They are simply nice bonuses to have on top of the basics. Of all the Attributes, there are really only three worth collecting.

Attack Power is possibly more important to stack up on than Agility. It provides the same damage output, but comes in larger quantities and doesn’t increase your Critical Strike Rating, meaning less threat build up. It’s hard to find at lower levels but well worth stacking up on when you can.

Critical Strike Rating can be worth collecting if your rating is below 10%. However you never really want to move above 15%, just to keep your threat down and keep yourself safe.

Mana Per Five Seconds is the last Attribute that is worth stacking up on. Working much like Spirit, it regenerates your mana, just as it suggests. It also tends to stack higher since it focuses on mana and not on health, making it perfect for any Hunter.


Gear generally tends to lack usefulness while levelling when it’s required level drops around 10 levels below yours. Ideally, you want to keep your items around five levels below your own at worst, but it is not worth spending any sum of gold on a new piece until it drops below the 10 level mark. Remember that rare items will last longer than normal green items.

Generally the best way to collect gear is via quests. Most quests result in a piece of gear, in at least one of their stages. The piece will usually be near the top end of any item you could buy of the same level, but you will receive gold and experience along with it rather than spending a large sum.

The next best way to obtain gear is via instances. However, you don’t want to run a certain instance over and over just to get one item, no matter how good it is. It is worth running a few instances now and then though, to try and boost your gear up a tad to make your levelling experience a little easier.

You can craft decent gear for yourself as a Leatherworker. However, do not work on pieces that cost a fortune to make or take forever to gather the materials for. Often the simplest recipes are the best choice.

Lastly, if you get stuck with a piece you simply cannot replace, make your way to the Auction House. The key points to remember when doing this is to spend as little as possible and to make these trips as infrequent as possible. Buying gear at the Auction House is possibly the quickest way to drain your gold in the game.

The main point in the levelling phase that Hunters get worried about their gear is at 40, when they can suddenly learn how to use mail. There is absolutely no need to replace all your equipment for mail right away. The only real difference is the bonus in armour that only makes a very slight difference, making you and your pet a little tougher while in melee combat.

Mail armour simply makes getting the perfect Stats and Attributes easier, as all mail pieces from level 40 will be focused towards Hunters, Shamans or both. This does not mean that leather is suddenly of no use. Hunters and Rogues share the need for similar stats and some leather pieces are superb for Hunters.


In conclusion, keep an eye out for the main four Stats and try only to replace armour via quests and an occasional instance. If you are forced to buy a piece of gear, don’t spend a fortune and don’t make it as regular habit.


~ by Arty on October 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Equipment”

  1. Spirit? Seriously? I never took spirit over Agil, Crit, AP or Stam.

  2. It’s helpful just because it makes your down time so much less. You save more time by resting less with Spirit than you do dps’ing harder with Agility etc. It’s very often missed out but it’s very helpful for all classes while levelling! =]

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