The Dead-Zone

The Dead-Zone


The Dead-Zone has always been the greatest problem for the Hunter, being the only class affected by it. Although it has been removed from the game, it still is worth mentioning, as it is still relevant to play in today’s game.

What was the Dead-Zone?

The Dead-Zone was an area, 5-8 yards between the Hunter and his target, where the Hunter could not use melee or ranged attacks. This allowed players to root the Hunter, stand within this area and be remain completely safe. This caused huge problems in PvP, not allowing the Hunter to cause any damage for long periods of time.

What is the Dead-Zone now?

Although it can’t truly be called a Dead-Zone, 5 yards is now the breaking line. At 5 yards and below, the Hunter is free to use melee attacks, but cannot use ranged abilities. Hunters are still the only class really affected by this issue, as other casters can use their ranged abilities even in close quarters. Any distance above 5 yards, and below the maximum range, the Hunter can use ranged attacks. This means that although the Hunter is always able to attack, there is still a point at which ranged attacks cannot be used.

How to Deal with It

This line simply means that you need to work hard while in close combat to get out of the 5 yard range, to continue ranged damage. Disengage is the best way of doing this, as it throws you back, out of melee range of your target. Wing Clip is also a great way to slow down your target, allowing you to escape melee range by simply running out of it.

Not only melee classes do their best to get in this range, but ranged and even healing classes do to. This is because Hunters cause much less damage while in melee than they can at range and everyone knows they’re safer while in this area. This is why other classes have multiple skills that allow them to get into melee distance of you quickly. ways of getting into close combat However, they are not completely safe, as a quick Freezing Trap can instantly stop them in their tracks.


Although the Dead-Zone has techniquely been removed, you must still work hard to deal with opponents within melee range. Decide to either get out of melee range via abilities and kiting, or simply place down a Freezing Trap and deal with them however you like.


~ by Arty on October 20, 2008.

One Response to “The Dead-Zone”

  1. Disengage throws you back 7-13 yards, not your target. It is also probably worth mentionening somewhere that hunters are the only class with the Dead-Zone. Magic-users dont have it at all, while most melee classes have all kinds of tricks of getting into the melee zone fast.

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