Type of Pet

Type of Pet


While you are levelling you need to have a reliable pet. However, all pets are different making it very hard to decide on one. Each has it’s own unique skill, but all fall into one of three categories: Cunning, Ferocity and Tenacity.

Categories of Pets


Cunning pets are the most flexible and can cover most situations. They are focused primarily for utility and mobility, meaning they can move around quicker and more freely, but can also cause trouble in different situations. This makes Cunning pets perfect for PvP, but gives them the ability to be useful while you’re soloing or in a small group.

Stat Modifiers: Health +5% , Armour +5% , Damage +5% .

Families: Bats , Birds of Prey , (Chimaeras) , Dragonhawks , Nether Rays , Ravagers , Serpents , (Silithids) , Spiders , Spore Bats , Wind Serpents .

(Exotic Pets)

Although levelling with a Cunning pet is an option, it tends not to be the best or easiest choice.


Ferocity pets are the main damage dealers. They not only increase their own damage, but they also increase yours. They even have special abilities to help keep themselves alive, to keep up their damage output. This makes Ferocity pets top choice for instances and raids, where your main aim is to deal the most damage you can. They can also be helpful while in PvP, to help you kill your target that little bit quicker.

Stat Modifiers: Health +5% , Armour +5% , Damage +5% .

Families: Carrion Birds , Cats , (Core Hounds) , (Devilsaurs) , Hyenas , Moths , Raptors , (Spirit Beasts) , Tallstriders , Wasps , Wolves .

(Exotic Pets)

Ferocity pets are not the best choice while levelling. Although their damage helps, their ability to hold aggro does not.


Tenacity pets are the best pets for keeping themselves alive and protecting others by keeping their target firmly focused on themselves. This makes them perfect to use while levelling. They can even come in handy when your group needs an off tank in different situations.

Stat Modifiers: Health +5% , Armour +5% , Damage +5% .

Families: Bears , Boars , Crabs , Crocolisks , Gorillas , (Rhinos) , Scorpids , Turtles , Warp Stalkers , (Worms) .

(Exotic Pets)

Tenacity pets are the top choice to use while levelling, as they keep your target at range while you lazily fire away.

Tenacity Pet Abilities

Tenacity pets are your top choice while levelling, as they make each fight quicker by making it so much easier. These pets don’t go down without a fight and will do their best to keep you safe. Just what you need! However, just to make things better, each has it’s own unique ability:

Bears – Swipe: Swipe 3 nearby enemies, inflicting [rank] damage. 5 sec cooldown.

This can be a quite a useful skill to have, to help you avoid pulling aggro off your pet while fighting groups.

Boars – Gore: Your boar gores the enemy for [rank] damage. Causes double damage if used within 6 seconds of a Charge. 10 sec cooldown.

Not so helpful, as it just gives additional damage.

Crabs – Pin: Pins the target in place, and squeezes for [rank] damage over 4 sec. 40 sec cooldown.

Helpful in desperate situations, such as when you need to escape your target.

Crocolisks – Bad Attitude: Snap back for [rank] damage at any target that strikes you for the next 45 sec. 2 min cooldown.

This can help your pet regain aggro off lose mobs, but only if you don’t have much of a threat build up on the mobs that attack you.

Gorillas – Pummel: Pummels the target, interrupting spellcasting and preventing any spell in the school from being cast for 4 sec. 10 sec cooldown.

Helpful against spellcasters who deal significant spell damage or cast annoying debuffs.

Rhinos – Stampede: Your rhino slams nearby enemies within 10 yards, causing [rank] damage and knocking them back 15 yards. 1 min cooldown.

This is helpful for making distance between you and your target quickly, but really of more use in PvP.

Scorpids – Scorpid Poison: Stings an enemy for [rank] Nature damage over 10 sec. Effect can stack up to 5 times on a single target. 4 sec cooldown.

Not greatly helpful, as it just causes additional damage.

Turtles – Shell Shield: The turtle partially withdraws into its shell, reducing damage taken by 50% for 12 sec. 1 min cooldown.

This is helpful in a situation where your pet is close to death, letting you heal it before it dies. It can be a great time saver, making your resing and drinking time much lower!

Warp Stalkers– Warp: Teleports to an enemy up to 30 yards away and gives the pet a 50% chance to avoid the next 3 melee attacks. Lasts 4 sec. 15 sec cooldown.

This ability is not greatly helpful except that it can speed up pulling time significantly.

Worms – Spit: Your worm spits acid at an enemy, causing [rank] Nature damage and reducing its armour by [rank] per Acid Spit for 30 sec. Can be applied up to 5 times. 10 sec cooldown.

Although the extra damage this ability causes isn’t greatly helpful, the reduction of armour can be. It will let you take down your target quicker than usual. This ability is still of best use in PvP rather than levelling.

The Tenacity Talent Tree

At level 20 you are able to spend your first pet talent point. After that you can spend another one every four levels. You want to choose the talents that will help your pet survive, as well as hold aggro.

Below is a suggested list on how to spend your points, naming the talent and the amount of points to spend on it at a time.

1 Charge
2 Great Stamina
1 Boar’s Speed
1 Great Stamina
1 Blood of the Rhino
1 Thunderstomp
2 Guard Dog
1 Blood of the Rhino
2 Grace of the Mantis
1 Roar of Sacrifice
1 Taunt
1 Natural Armour
1 Wild Hunt
2 Silverback
1 Wild Hunt

This should result in the talent tree: Tenacity Tree.


Although every Tenacity pet is great to level with, as well as other species, certain types can be more useful than others. Gorillas seem the best choice if you find yourself pulling large groups, on purpose or not. Turtles are the top choice if you find that you struggle keeping your pet alive. Other than that, it should be easy enough to judge for yourself what kind of pet you want


~ by Arty on October 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Type of Pet”

  1. You should update this post to the new talent changes. Thunderstomp is now available to all tenacity-type pets and is replaced with pummel as the family skill for gorrilas. Very nice website, though, and has great guidance for new hunters like myself.

    • I thought I had updated this post but obviously I was wrong. Thanks for letting me know =) I’ll set it straight later today!

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