Getting Your First Pet

Getting Your First Pet


Once you’ve hit level 10 you are ready to learn how to tame your first pet. However you can’t just walk straight up to a beat and tame it straight off, it’s not that easy! You have to go through a nice series of quests to learn the art of how to tame, control and look after your pet.

The Quest Line

To start off, once you hit level 10, run off to your nearest Hunter trainer to pick up the starting quest:

Draenei:     ‘Seek Huntress Kella Nightbow’
Dwarf:        ‘The Hunter’s Path’
Night Elf:    ‘The Hunter’s Path’
Blood Elf:    ‘Taming the Beast’
Orc:            ‘The Hunter’s Path’
Troll:          ‘The Hunter’s Path’
Tauren:       ‘The Hunter’s Path’

You will then obtain the quest ‘Taming the Beast’. You’re now ready to get started.


Part One

You are firstly given a Taming Rod and asked to go tame a selected beast.

  1. First off, find and select the beast you are told to tame.
  2. Now use (right click) the taming Rod to begin the taming process. You must be within 30 yards to do this.
  3. Now stay still and let your Hunter tame the beast. If you attack, use a potion, bandage or do anything else, you will disrupt your taming cast and lose one of the three charges on your rod. There is no need to fear, the beast should only take around 50% of your health away.

You now have the beast under your control for 15 minutes. Have a little play, then run back to the quest giver to complete the quest.

If you fail three times and your rod loses it’s charges, simply throw the rod away, disband the quest and take it again.


Part Two

You will now be asked to do the same again, but for a different beast. There are just a few things to sort out before you do so.

  • You will now receive a different taming rod, even though it has the same name. If you have placed the item in your cast bar, you will have to replace it with the new, updated version.
  • You will have to disband your pet before you can tame your next. To do this, right click on your pet’s character portrait and select disband. Your pet will now attack you. Don’t hesitate to kill it, as it no longer has any use to you.

Just repeat what you did in part one for your new selected target and hand it in.


Part Three

This is the last pet you will have to tame for this quest. I promise! Just repeat what you have done above.

Once you have handed in this quest you will receive the following abilities:

  • Tame Beast
  • Call Pet
  • Dismiss Pet

Tame Beast will act just as your Taming Rod has done, but now you can keep it forever! Call Pet allows you to summon your pet if it is not ‘active’ and Dismiss Pet will let you ‘deactivate’ your pet, letting it sneak of into the shadows until you call upon it.


You will now obtain the quest ‘Training the Beast’. This is the last stage in your quest for pet knowledge.

Make sure to dismiss the pet you tamed from part three, as it will disappear within 15 minutes. You can now go and tame your first real pet! However, there is still the rest of the quest line to finish off!

You will simply be asked to visit the Pet Trainer in your nearest city. Once you have completed the quest, you will learn the following skills:

  • Feed Pet
  • Revive Pet

Feed Pet helps to make your pet happier. The happier the pet, the more damage it will cause. Revive Pet can be used if your pet falls in combat, to bring them back to life.



After all that you finally have your first pet, what a relief! You also have a range of new skills to deal with to help you manage your trusty companion. This is just the start of your newfound relationship with nature; you can now start along the road to becoming a great trainer!



~ by Arty on November 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Getting Your First Pet”

  1. im a lvl 23 tauren and i can figure out where too find the quest but iv checked almost all of the hunter skill masters. If u can help me pls do so bacause i want a pet and too learn how too tame them.

  2. Ok i assume you have the quest ‘The Hunter’s Path’. I believe you get this quest off of any Hunter trainer in your starting area, including the city. As a tauren this will be in Mulgore or in the city Thunders Bluff.

    This quest will then lead you to a Hunter trainer who is in your starting areas town. As a tauren this will be Bloodhoof Village.

    From there it should be fairly simple, just follow the quests to see what to do and where to go next.

  3. very good explanation.

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