Taming a Pet

Taming a Pet


Once you’ve gone through the level 10 Hunter quests you are able to tame a new pet at any time. However some pets are harder to tame than others, meaning they will require you to use a few tricks!

Before the Taming

First off you need to do some research on what kind of pet you want. Different pets have different skills and slot within one of three talent trees. Remember only certain beasts are tameable and you cannot tame a beast with a higher level than you! It is worth mentioning as well that when you tame a pet that is more than five levels below you, its level will be boosted up to five below yours upon being tamed.

Next you need to put your current pet in the stable. You cannot tame a pet with a current pet active. Remember a dismissed pet is still active! If you do not have any slots free in your stable you will have to abandon it by right clicking on its portrait.


Taming Tricks

Some beasts will be able to kill you before you have the chance to tame it. Others might simply keep interrupting your casting. There are helpful tricks you can do to tame your pet as well as others that your friends might help your with.

First off you can lay a Freezing Trap just in front of yourself before you start taming. As you aggro the beast it will run into your trap and remain frozen. This means you avoid any damage and interrupts that would normally be taken. If done correctly you can have your target frozen for the entire process or most of it at least. Unfortunately some beasts will be immune to your trap of be able to break out of it early.

This is where a druid can be handy. They have the ability to sleep the beast as you start to tame it. This does effectively the same thing as your Freezing Trap, but can work more affectively on certain creatures.

A point to note at this stage is that if anyone else generates more threat than you on your target then your taming spell will fail. This means if you have others helping you in any way you must make sure you have more aggro than them through the duration of the fight. The best way to do this is to use high threat generating abilities on it before you start the taming process.

In some cases the beast will be immune to crowd control and will knock your health down too fast for you to be able to tame it. In this case you will need a healer to heal you through the taming process. The most important thing to keep in mind is that healers generate threat with every heal they cast on you. This means you will have to generate a large amount of threat on the beast before you begin to tame.


So there are a few key points to remember when taming a pet. First remember to dump your current pet off at the stables. Then when you find your target beast keep it crowd controlled the best you can and build up some threat on it before you start to tame it if you have helpers!


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