Disbanding a Pet

Disbanding a Pet


Sometimes you may be fed up with your pet, or you need space to make room for a new one. To do this you will have to disband with your current to pet to make room for your new one.

Disbanding Your Pet

Disbanding your pet is fairly simple. To start with you need to make sure you have the pet you wish to disband active. This means, if you have more than one, picking out the one you want to let go from your stables.


Once you have your pet active, all you have to do is right click on its portrait and click the disband button. When the option appears whether you really want to abandon your pet simple select yes. You have now permanently deleted that pet, but you now have room for a brand new one!


Disbanding your pet is pretty simple. Just make sure you are sure which pet you want to disband, because once it’s gone it’s never coming back!



~ by Arty on January 20, 2009.

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