Controlling More than One Pet

Controlling More than One Pet


As a Hunter you can have a number of pets under your control. However, you cannot have them all active at one time.

The Stables

The stables are a Hunters best friend. They allow you to store multiple pets just like a bank. You can buy up to four slots at a Stable Master to store your pets and you can have a fifth pet active. The first slot will cost 5 silver, then 5 gold, then 50 gold and finally 150 gold.

There is a stable master in almost every zone, normally located around a major encampment. You can swap your active pet any time by simple dragging the selected pet into your current pet slot.

While your pet is in the stables nothing at all will happen to it at all. It will keep all its talents and will stay at the same loyalty and experience level. However, when you take your pet out from the stables and it is more than five levels below you, its level will be automatically increased so as to only be five levels below yours.


Having a variety of pets to swap in and out of the stables can be very handy. Generally most players have a tenacity, ferocity and cunning specified pet in their stables, or two in the stables and one active. This gives them a tanking/levelling/grinding pet, a group dps pet and a PvP pet that they can quickly switch between. That leaves them two more spaces.

The last two slots might just be filled with your favourite looking creature, they might be extremely rare or they might have a special skill that’s to your preference. You could even have all four slots in you stables filled with just bears, or even boars! It’s completely up to you. If you can tame it, it can be put into the stables!


So swapping over your pets should now be a piece of cake. Having those spare pets at hand is well worth the small one time fee!


~ by Arty on January 21, 2009.

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