Pet Skill Points

Pet Skill Points


Pets gain skill points much like you gain talent points. In this post we’ll discuss the basics about your pets talent points and talent trees.

Your Pet and Levelling

Your pet may not level the same time as you, but that doesn’t make your furry (or scaly!) companions dings any less important. Much like when you ding, your pets basic stats will increase. You will be able to upgrade your pets abilities every now and then as well at a pet trainer. But most importantly, every four levels you will gain a talent point for your pet. These points can be spent in any of the three available talent trees, much like the talent points you receive every level. However each pet only has one talent tree, so you will have to tame the right pet if you want to put points in a certain tree.

Spending Skill Points

The three talent trees for pets are:

The Cunning Tree:

This tree has many talents that benefit the Hunter by making life easier. From making your pet move faster to restoring your mana your pet will do it all. Don’t worry though, there are still talents that will help to boost your pets damage output and performance too!


The Ferocity Tree:

This tree is all about boosting your pets damage output, therefore increasing your total damage output. However, there are a few talents that help to keep your pet alive. If your pet is dead, it’s going to do a lot less damage, right?


The Tenacity Tree:

This tree is all about keeping your pet alive and helping it keep aggro. This makes your pet a fine tank for solo and small group purposes. There are also a few extras that help boost your pets damage and to increase its speed.


It’s up to you how you spend your points. Although the end talents may not be a necessity, they are definitely worth considering to work towards and pt your points into. For some you may have to have points spent in previous talents to achieve the last ones, but don’t worry. Much like yourself, you can reset your pets talent points at a pet trainer, if you wish to respec your pet.


So although there are three talent trees for pets, each pet only has one of the three available. This means you will have to decide what pet to tame beforehand, or find a way of working your pets talent tree to your advantage.


~ by Arty on January 29, 2009.

One Response to “Pet Skill Points”

  1. jeg er lige startet med et nyt pet en Chimaera og vil prøve at finde det bedste talants tree til den kan I hjælpe mig.

    MVH Benny

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