Feeding Your Pet

Feeding Your Pet


Feeding your pet helps to maintain its happiness level. The happier your pet is, the more damage it will cause!

About Pet Happiness

Next to your pets portrait you should find a small square face. This represents your pet’s happiness level. This represents your pet’s happiness. There are three levels of happiness:

6-happy Happy: Your pet causes 125% damage.

6-neutral Neutral: Your pet causes 100% damage

6-unhappy Unhappy: Your pet causes 75% damage.


So as you can see, it’s important to keep your pets happiness level up. But how can you do this?

Gaining and Losing Happiness

The main way to increase your pet’s happiness level is to feed it. You simply select the Feed Pet ability and the click on the food you wish to feed it. The higher quality (the closer to your pets level) the food is, the higher your pet’s happiness level will increase. Alternative ways of feeding your pet include dragging the selected food over your pet, or your pet’s portrait. This simply means you can avoid the Feed Pet button.

Your pet’s happiness will increase 10 times over the 20 second period, as long as it is not interrupted. Depending on the quality of the food, your pet will gain 8, 17 or 35 happiness every two seconds, for a total of 80, 170 or 350 per feed.

There are also talent points for your pet that will help to increase its happiness level. These can save you large sums of gold, as well as bag space and time.


There are several ways your pet can lose happiness:

Waiting: Your pet will lose happiness gradually while standing around doing nothing. It will lose around 50 happiness in 6 minutes of inactivity.

Dismiss Pet: This ability will cause your pet to lose 50 happiness.

Dying: When your pet dies it will lose 350 happiness.

Lost: You can gain so much distance between you and your pet, that your pet will disappear. This is effectively the same as dismissing it, however it will only lose 10 happiness.

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Happiness

Pets can’t eat food while in combat, and will lose the feed effect if they cause or receive damage. This even includes poison and curse effects while out of combat. Check before wasting food on your pet.

Although pets will eat food of high levels than them, they will gain no extra benefit from doing so. They can also refuse to eat food of a much lower level than them.

Most pets can only eat a few different food types. To find what types they can eat, visit your pet menu.

Run away from your pet, by making it stay, rather than dismissing it. This will cause it to lose less happiness.

Your pet will not lose happiness when it disappears as you mount. This can make it worth mounting when you go afk, so your pet won’t lose happiness.

Often the easiest and cheapest way of obtaining your food is by purchasing it from a vendor. However, if you choose a pet that eats fish, you can level up your fishing skill when you run out of food and save a large sum of gold over the long run. Also, feed your pet the scraps you loot, rather than discarding, or vendoring them to save gold.


Although feeding your pet is not mandatory, it is suggested to try and keep its happiness level up at full, to receive the most benefit from it. If you want your pet to stay happy, but you are too lazy or poor to feed it, select the talent points to help boost its happiness value.



~ by Arty on February 6, 2009.

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