Pet Tool-Bar

Pet Tool-Bar


You will find your Pet Tool-Bar at the bottom left of your screen, normally under your chat menu. This bar gives you a customisable, easy access menu where you can change your pet’s settings.


The First Three

The first button on the toolbar is the command for your pet to attack. First you must select your target, then press this button and your pet will run into battle. This button is rarely used because it is far easier to use a key binding. This is because you will use it so often that you’ll want access it quickly and with ease. The set key binding to use this command is SHIFT + T. Personally, I would change this to something that is easier to reach. Alternatively you can make a macro and set it to your cast-bar avoiding changing your key bindings. A few hours of pressing SHIFT + T a few times a minute and you’ll understand why it is important to change it.

The second button will set your pet on follow. If you have this command selected then your pet will follow you around as you move. Alternatively, if you have the third button selected, your pet will stay where it is, even when you move away. This is the stay command. You will normally have the follow command selected, but there are occasions where you will want your pet to stay in a certain position.

The Middle Four

These four spaces are fully customisable. You can insert any of your pet’s spells into these slots. These spells can be found in your pets spell book, which can be found by opening your spell book and selecting the pet tab.


While in your pet spell book, or on your tool-bar, you can right click on your pets skills causing a shiny border round the outside of skills image to appear. This means the skill is now active. From now on, when your pet is in combat, it will use these abilities as often as it can. Because your pet runs out of focus fairly quickly, it is normally best to choose just two abilities to have active at a time, with a possible third which has a longer cooldown. If you select skills with low focus costs and with different cooldowns, your pet will be able to fit them into a nice little rotation.

You normally want to have your longer cooldown abilities which you don’t keep active on your cast-bar. This lets you view the skills your pet is not using, allowing you to activate them quickly when necessary. Having active skills taking up your tool-bar is not generally helpful, as you have no reason to select them. It can be useful when setting up which abilities to have active however, as you can see how your pet is using them in sequence.

The Last Three

The last three determine how your pet will deal with nearby enemies. The first will put your pet into an aggressive stance. This means it will attack anything within its aggro range. This is rarely used, as you normally want to be in full control of what your pet attacks. The second is the pet’s defensive stance. This means your pet will automatically attack when you enter combat. Although this is a useful stance, it can still be unreliable. Your pet may run off to attack a target at range, instead of attacking the one you wanted. However, during solo play, it is normally the easiest stance to have active. The last button will put your pet into its passive stance. When active, your pet will only attack if you send it in yourself, by the methods discussed earlier. This makes it the safest stance, as you can select it targets or keep it by your side when needed, giving you complete control.


Make sure you get comfortable with your pets bar and really spend some time setting it up so it effectively meets your needs. Once it’s set-up, you will have complete control over your pet, from movements to abilities, all at your fingertips.


~ by Arty on February 14, 2009.

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